A day in Liechtenstein.

September 23rd – Liechtenstein.

So we have a pretty good breakfast thanks to Marcos mum being an absolute champion. And we head off on a tour of Liechtenstein in Marcos pimp mobile. Seriously killer car.

The view from Marcos.

We head up into the mountains, with Marco killing it around corners and the giddiness of the swerving roads. We end up going through a tunnel and end up at the ski resort of Liechtenstein – Malburn. There is no snow at the moment though so hikers paradise to be honest.

Not bad scenery for a small country.

Theres a bunch of grandmas and grandpas out in force in hiking gear. We just get the lift up to the top. And its seriously amazing. On one side is Austria, the other side you can see Switzerland. Amazing. We have a drink before going down on the lift and heading into Vaduz.

Lookout in Malburn.

After parking we head around town and find the tourism joint to get our passports stamped. How tacky and touristy! We also see the Kunstmuseum (which is an art museum) and we giggle like silly boys at the name. We end up at a small bar and have a few beers. Yeah, thats all their is to Liechtenstein.

Vaduz High Street.

Vaduz Schloss - Castle of Liechtenstein!

So we venture back to Marco’s and grab some beers to drink. Tonight we’re gonna sample the nightlife of Liechtenstein. We get driven by one of Marco’s mates and make our way into Vaduz – there was a game on tonight so maybe there might be some action out.

We head to this pretty cool bar and start drinking beers. Then move onto mojitos and various other drinks. The place is dead though and its not long til we’re the only guys at the bar. No girls whatsoever. We then make our way to the only place thats open in Liechtenstein. Which turns out to be a tiny tiny tiny bar with lots of old drunk people. Marco seems to know everyone though.

Its a small bar and we destroy some more alcohol. Before going back to Marcos as the place is dead. We end up watching Californication and Joe and Marco pass out. So I head down to bed.

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