Road to Oktoberfest!

Munich – September 18th, 2009.

So with as much excitement as a kid on xmas eve I huddled on off down to the bus station to catch an 8 hour bus down to Munich. Its good to see Ali and Annaleigh on my bus but unfortunately the bus driver is a nazi and we end up sitting away from each other.

The bus journey is fricken long and tiresome. Its the worst I’ve had mainly due to it being completely packed full of people going to Oktoberfest. Ridiculous. We pull in sometime at about 5.

Annaleigh, Ali and myself make our way to Camping Thalkirchen. Which is not far from the Oktoberfest grounds. Where Ali and I are staying. I say goodbye to the girls and then make my way to the check in. I’ve been paired up with Joey. Sweet. Chuck my bags down and Joey, Suze and Lauren are all hitting the good stuff already. Its good to catch up with McCool himself.

We head off into town (my only sightseeing of Munich) and wander down from Marienplatz to a restaurant and order schnitzel and beer. Then we go and hit up a Lidl. Where we pick up vodka and a really ugly orange looking drink thats putrid.

The boys back together. Shit will escalate.

Back at the campsite we head down and check out the bar which is pumping for the night before one of the biggest days of drinking. We sample a few steins before heading back to our putrid orange drink. Joey and I make a bet before heading to bed that when we wake up we have to do two shots of the putrid thing. And with that I get a sleepless night, after all tomorrow is like christmas to me.

Joey and the Putrid drink from hell.

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