Berlin serves up good hangovers.

Berlin – September 17th, 2009.

Hangovers. I don’t generally get them that bad. But Berlin has served 2 massive ones on two nights out. It shows how they like to party. I’m definitely coming back for a weekend!

But my priority is trying to find a way to Munich. Cause I have a very important date with Munich on saturday and need to arrive tomorrow. So I ring up a few lift sharers but cannot understand them so I head to the bus station and book a ticket as trains were in excess of 100 euros. Fuck that.

I then head to a place I haven’t been but is a pivotal part of Berlin’s and the worlds history. I stop off an an random park. That has a few cars parked around and a few buildings. Not far from me in the distance is the holocaust memorial. Below where I am standing is Hitlers Bunker where he commited suicide and led to the end of WWII. Theres only a little board telling you about the place and thats it.Very nonedescript.

I head back to Mike’s and crash watching tv and doing a whole lot of fuck all apart from grabbing snacks for the bus and a bit of dinner. Lazy night but I cant wreck myself for the damage that is going to ensue.

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