Its a Struggle

Berlin – September 15th, 2009.

Its a struggle this morning. Berlin knows how to party. Even on a weeknight. A late start but oh well. A good breakfast at the hostel and I’m out the door and on the U-Bahn across to the west. I get off at this historic old bridge, Oberbaumbrukce, it is by far Berlin’s prettiest bridge in its medieval glory. Its also home to a big food fight between both sides of the river to determine the best side of Berlin. It gets pretty raucous and out of hand with fish and everything. Have to come back for that one.


Not far from the Bridge is a the longest surviving stretch of the Berlin Wall. And probably the most famous stretch. But I get to the start and kind of chill out by the river on grass. Fucking hangover from hell.

Sleeping off last night….

The longest part of the wall, is also known as Die East Side Gallery. Its where a lot of artists came when the wall came down and produce amazing art work on the wall with messages of peace and that. There is also a lot of humour with the most famous being two men kissing. Its quite a nice trek and many a photos was snapped at the intriguing artwork.

Wall Art.
Standing next to the wall.

At the end of the east side gallery I meet a solo traveller and we go into a place that is called Yaam Beach. Its a jamaican community with bars, beaches, food, skateramp, etc etc all for use by anyone. We sit and talk to this Jamaican guy and eat a superb Jerk Chicken whilst he tells of stories of Usain Bolt partying here with the Jamaican athletics team.

Jerk Chicken
Yaam Beach. You’ll walk in and get offered various things.

I then catch a train to the TV tower and walk my way back into town along the main street. I pass the Berliner dome, the museum area and the book burning square not to mention the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXL store before making my way down Unter Den Linden again. This time to visit the Holocaust Memorial.

The Holocaust Memorial is situated near the Tiergarten, south of the Brandenburg, and I missed it yesterday. I will get to the memorial in a second. I venture underneath where there is a free museum about the holocaust. Which is pretty useful, insightful and informative.

Words for the wise.

Before heading up to the strange memorial. The memorial consists of about 2,000 different size pillars in rows. Despite its weirdness its moving and quite nice.

Exploring the memorial.
Sunset at the memorial.

I head on down the road to where my hostel is to eat some food and catch up with fellow travellers. But the hostel seems rather sterile and big. Too big. Give me a small hostel where you can get to know other travellers!

I plan to meet Mike but I fall asleep and wake up to a bunch of missed calls/messages. Whoops.

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