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Wroclaw – September 12th, 2009.

Aga is up early as she has to go work in the hostel. So I sleep a bit more, before a shower and head into the Rynek for a breakfast. I get pounced upon by 2 Polish girls who then try to sell me perfume – I’m a stinky backpacker, its not really an essential and waaaaaay out of my budget for stuff that isn’t nice. I grab a nice coffee and pastry for breakfast before going to meet Aga at the hostel (Babel Hostel – it looks really nice and clean and is right near the station).

She sets me off and tells me all these pretty cool places to go. As well as supplying me with a bucketload of maps.

I jump onto the next tram and make my way out to the Centenary Building. Its got a gorgeous area around it and the zoo opposite. It seems like a bit more of a hideous Royal Albert Hall. But it does have its charms. There is a cultural thing going on inside and its packed so I head off to somewhere else.

Centenary Hall.

I make my way back into town and to the Cathedral of St John the Baptist. Its a very beautiful and gothic church. I head around and into town via the canal area of town and over a bridge that I name the lock bridge. Hundreds of lovers impersonating the Ponte Vechhio in Firenze seal away their love with locks….awww how romantic. And then make my way back into the Rynek.


The Rynek is one of the spots to just chill out and people watch. Nothing beats sitting and having a cuppa or beer and watching the locals go about life. I find it really entertaining. The other thing about Wroclaw is that there are these tiny tiny bronze gnomes everywhere around the city. I only found a few but there are a heap everywhere.

The Rynek.


I head up to the St Elizabeths Church and climb the tower. Its not far from the Rynek. And once at the top you can walk between the two towers for superb views.

View of Wroclaw

I make my way through the park to the Panaroma of Raclawicka (as its a beautifully constructed 360 degree painting. Though I don’t go in and head back to the hostel to meet Aga.

We head off to a cool pub and have a few beers before she takes me on a little tour of the canal region at night. We go past the lock bridge and stop at random places around the river front and take in the view. We also spot a fisherman doing his nights work by the banks. The views from the river are pretty phenomenal and the company is pretty good.

Lock Bridge.

Aga up the tree. We chilled here for a bit.

Views like this are definitely worth it.

We walk all the way back to Aga’s house and hit the hay not long after.

Walking home. I got stuck with the bike duty.

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