K to the W

Krakow – September 10th, 2009.

I get up late again, why change something I’ve become so good at! And after some breakfast from the local store I head off into town. I hop off just after the river and head on up to the magnificent Wawel Castle.

Wawel Castle from the banks of the river.

Its perched a top Wawel Hill, as you can its not exactly high off the ground. And the walk up there is pretty easy. I buy a coke as I’m thirsty as and then mill around the grounds of the castle. Of course its free to walk around the grounds but as soon as you want to go enter part of the castle’s buildings or its church -caching! They want money. It really is a very gorgeous castle – not what you would expect but you get that from time to time.

Inside the castle grounds

I walk up Grodzka Street and run into a weird art display. It really is rather weird. I also run into a plush beer mascot selling free beer. Gotta love Poland. I also run into a cool looking church called Francizkanska Cathedral – amazing on the outside, dull inside.

Weird street art. Cats galore.

Free Beer!

But there is a cool exhibit about the late Pope John Paul II and the youth which is pretty cool to see. And a good way to understand the Polish faith a bit more.

I then go down to the Rynek and find the best sandwich shop ever. Its like a pizza in a sandwich. Awesome. Before setting off for the Kazimiera District.

The Kazimiera district is an area where a lot of Jewish camps were set up and its a jewish district. Its pretty down trodden. I find myself out the front of a pretty famous factory. The schindlers factory and an exhibit about what he did. He couldnt help all of the jewish people but he helped as many as he could by employing them in his factory which is where the exhibit is at.

The Schindlers Factory

I head back to Wawel Castle along the river. Its not really a stroll, its a bit of a hike but its a nice way to get away from everything.

I then go back to Anita’s and chill out over a few beers before heading to town for a feast and a few local brews in town. I head back to Anitas and another CSer is there so we chill and chat before heading to sleep.

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