Reading Festival

Reading Festival – August 28th to the 30th

So I basically came back to the UK for one thing. And that was to go to Reading Festival. Its a massive 3 day music festival situated in Reading. And with bands such as Faith No More and Radiohead playing on the bill its no wonder it sells out so quickly. Its not as famous as Glatso or Roskilde but it sure does pack a punch.
The day before the festival kicks off we get ourselves to the campsite. The rest of the day is spent drinking and exploring the camp grounds. I make friends with a few of our neighbours – Tom, Ghosh, Luke and David. We end up exploring the site and finding fires to keep ourselves warm at.

August 28th – Day 1.

First day starts with suze cooking up a good breakfast and me being the guinea pig to see if its cooked. Tasted good to me. A few beers and I head in with Luke and them to see Sonic Boom Six – who I’ve never heard of before. But arent too bad but aren’t great either.

I head to the NME stage to see one of my new favourite bands of the time Manchester Orchestra. And they certainly blow my mind. A really good set with plenty of people getting involved.

A quick beer stop and I go and watch The Flatliners do the thing to a slightly building crowd in the lock up tent – I guess most of the people in this tent like their sleep ins or are nursing hangovers.The riverboat gamblers are up after and provide some more magic but only briefly.

Off to the main stage to bring back childhood memories from the early 2000’s with New Found Glory. Who were suprisingly good and played a lot of old songs, it also helps their new record is pretty sweet.

A double beer run and to the small tent that is the festival republic stage to see Jacks Mannequin. The tent was absolutely packed and outside it was literally bucketing down. But they played amazingly for the time they were on stage.

I grab some more beer and go and get my metal on and watch the Deftones wreak havoc on the main stage before sliding off to Lock up stage to watch Leftover Crack and The Bouncing Souls do justice to the tent.

I grab more beers and become rather bored with Alexisonfire. I only wish that City and Colour also played. Before Anti Flag come out and the dust returns to coughing levels. A pretty good set.

I then head off and go catch one of rocks biggest acts during the 90s. Seeing Faith No More take the stage and belt out their songs made my night much more enjoyable. And am quite glad I choose them over Kings of Leon as I heard the crowd sucked and they werent really that good.

August 29th – Day 2.

As with yesterday, same routine. Beer run. Beer and breakfast. Also getting that morning toilet break in before the toilets get feral. Mind you its only a day into the fest, they are still rouge.

First cab of the rankings today on the main stage is Mariachi El Bronx, the slowly alter ego of The Bronx (who are playing later). Its good to see some punters getting into it and wearing ponchos and sombreos.

I then go and watch one of my favourite singer/songwriters Mr Chuck Ragan. And seeing him play solo for the first time is absolutely amazing. Its good to see Tim McIlrath join him on stage for a bit too.

From bluesy folksy tunes to a rip snorting band from massachusetts, A Wilhem Scream. I’m no stranger to seeing them perform and they again shred things to bits. Things only get a bit better when Municipal Waste come out. The whole tent is a blur and there is a tonne of dust around.

I watch a bit of Snuff before bailing to go watch the ‘secret’ band play on the NME stage. By this stage it wasn’t really a secret. But word on the street was that Mr Grohl was in town with Mr Hommes (whos girl was playing with spinerette) and none other than John Paul Young to play in their supergroup “The Crooked Vultures”. Clearly a highlight of the day. I didn’t know any of the songs but it was incredible to watch.

I spend the rest of the day at the Lock Up Tent. I take in Rival Schools (who I’ve been dying to see for ages) and Mad Caddies before the highlight of any show The Bronx tear down the house. I chill out watching Thursday. Before watching Rise Against close the tent.

August 30th – Day 3.

Waking up I can hear Radioheads soundcheck, crack a beer open and chill out. In the few hours before we head in we tie up Ghosh in his tent and drag him down the road. To be stopped by the security guard because he thought we had drugs in there. We end up tying him up to a pole.

I go and watch the amazing Frank Turner. Who has to be one of my finds of the year. Incredible songwriter. I then go and watch Brand New play and they’ve gotten better since I last saw them at BDO a few years back.

I go check out the Gaslight Anthem before heading to the main arena and squeeze my way up to the frontish area for Bloc Party. Who were pretty fucking good. After Bloc Party though a heap of people left. Good for me and then the Piece De Resistance came on.  And Radiohead were everything I had asked for. Simply fucking amazing.

The night after the festival in the campsite, things go a little pear shaped. As is apparently famous at Reading. A lot of Riots and fighting took place. One right opposite our campsite. A huge bonfire with fools chucking in peoples tents and belongings. Its quite disgusting to be honest. Walking around you see people trying to tear down telegraph poles and throw stuff at riot police. Not a great way to end a great festival.

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