Krakow – 8th September, 2009

So I took about a week off in London from travelling. Just lazed about and did sweet fuck all before continuing on. Namely I call this my Road to Oktoberfest part of the trip.

I swear Stansted is the bane of my existance, its such a bastard to get to from Central London. Yeah it has cheap flights and all but seriously when you have to leave at like 1-2am the morning of your flight its a deadset pain the ass. And for some reason the bus to Stansted got stuck in traffic or something (I was asleep) and ends up being late. So late that I nearly miss my check in.

The flight runs pretty smoothly and I get to Krakow Airport without any hassles. Though there is no trains nor buses into town for at least half an hour. After getting the train into town and evading the fare somehow I get lost trying to find my tram to where I am staying. I somehow make it and my local CS host takes me to her flat and says farewell as she has to work.

I have a quick shower and then fall asleep for a quick nap. For 4-5 hours. Bit of a waste really. At about 5 I head into town on the tram. And end concentrate on the Rynek, which is the biggest square in Europe. It also has a big market in the middle with lots of stores to mull over. I head off down an alley and grab a quick bite to go and head up to check the Florian Gate and the Barbican Centre.

The Rynek

The Rynek is also home to St Marys church which is rather nice to look at, but at this stage of my trip, its just another church in the books.

St Stephens in Krakow

There is some kind of mass going on about Assisi and 70 years of peace after the war. There is a lot of people about and a lot of ‘dignintries’ but I wouldn’t know any of them. I mainly walk down side streets and check out small bars and shops before meeting up with my host to sink a few polish beers before calling it a night.

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