A day in Pest.

Budapest – 22nd August, 2009.

Today I decide to stick solely on the Pest side of town. Which is the main part of town. I make my way down Andassy Ut which is a very gorgeous boulevard with a better charm than the champs elysee.

I stop off at number 60. Which is where the HQ for the AVH (secret police) was. It is now called the Terror Haza. It was here that a number of attrocities occured. Its quite a moving place. The tank in the atrium with the photos of all the victims is a reminder of what happened. It goes through what happened, most moving of all is the lower level where they have reconstructed prison cells and a gallow that was used.

Inside the Terra Haza

Afterwards I head off down the Andrassy Ut to the end where it meets the Hosok Tere (Heroes Square). Which has a nice square with a prominent monument.

Heroes Square

I head off into the City’s Park and find myself at one of the many famous bath houses. And I walk into the lobby and look at the prices. I kinda balk and go I dont really need a bath at the moment. But the interior of the lobby was impressive.

I make my way to the Basicalla of St Stephen, which is an impressive church dedicated to St Stephen. His hand is on display in the church. But most of the church is off limits as its a sunday and theres lots of weddings going on. I do head to the top to get some awesome views of the city.

At the top of St Stephens Basillica.

At the bottom I run into a bunch, and by a bunch I mean hundreds, of kids who were having a massive waterfight.


I then chill out in a park that had bean bags and books to read before heading to the Lavish Parliament building on the waterfront. Its rather impressive for a parliament building, makes ours look like garbage.


I walk back along the waterfront to the hostel and chill out for the night. I know pretty boring but I’ve got a few big days coming up and need some rest.

Riverside on the Danube.

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