Pest or Buda

Budapest – August 21st, 2009

After a good 3-4 hour sleep I’m up and at it. Not particularly but I do trudge to the grocery store and grab some food for breakfast. I then decide I’m gonna go and climb a hill. Not exactly smart when still hungover.

Yup, the hill I choose to walk up.

I walk across the Independence Bridge and across to the bottom of Gelert Hill. At the bottom of the hill, right above the bridge is this little cave. I shall call it the cave church. Its a church maintained by monks and is quite unbelievable to stumble across.

The cave church.

I then start my ascent. Stupid mistake. Its boiling and I forgot any form of water. Idiot. But the views on the way up of the Danube and Pest are pretty fantastic.

The views on the walk up.

I then make it to the top where a massive monument is. There used to be a massive Soviet statue up here, but the fall of the iron curtain saw it relegated and a new Independence Monument placed on top. The views are amazing. And the water I buy gets sucked back eagerly.

Independence Monument.

Pest view.

I walk around towards the fort thats perched up here and see a bow and arrow game that is a bit of fun before heading down to make my way up to the castle. Which is on another hill. Sucker for punishment really.

Looking over teh Danube towards Parliament and to the left is where the Castle is.

I get a bit hungry in hungary so try to find a decent restaurant on the walk over to the castle. Though I dont find anything remotely cheap or decent until I hit a sandwich shop. Coulda made my own. haha.

Anyway I walk up the hill and have two options – Castle or Fishermans Bastion. I go to the Fishermans Bastion. The Bastion is a neo-arcade built a long time ago. But the views and the architecture make it a most visit.

Fishermans Bastion.

There is also a massive statue with a horse and gigantic balls – apparently if you rub the balls of it you’ll have good luck in the sack. There is also an impressive church called the Matthias church – some amazing spires.

I then go down to the castle. Unfortunately I cannot really go into the Castle grounds – there is a massive folk festival on there and they want 10 quid to go in. Bugger that. So I sneak into the art gallery bit to have a peak.

What remains of the castle.

I then head off down the hill and cross the Lions Bridge also known as the Chain Bridge. Its massive lions guarding who goes across. I then walk down the high street and chill out at a coffee shop before heading back to the hostel. Its getting late so I get some food before heading up to it.

Chain Bridge.

The night is a quiet one. After last nights effort I choose to just cruise and have a few beers with some fellow travellers, watch a few movies and enjoy a quiet night in.

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