Novi Sad, Serbia – August 18th, 2009.

A massively slow start to the day means I get off late. The boys have decided to stay for a football match before heading to Sofia and I’m heading north to a town called Novi Sad.

I trudge down to the bus stop and snap off a pic of this cool ruined looking building. Then go buy a ticket before jumping on the bus. Its not long til we actually get to Novi Sad – only about an hour.

I make my way to the hostel – which is meant to be a good hostel. But it seems damn empty. The owner seems like a cool guy and the other bloke staying there does recommened me somewhere to go in Poland.

I go for a bit of a walk along the main street before heading to the Danube river. The danube is rated highly, but the river here doesn’t look pretty.

Main Street of Novi Sad

However, there is a resounding visual beauty and that is the Petrovaradin Citadel. Which is mightly impressive and has a prime position on the river thanks to the Volcanic rock its situated on. It also plays host to one of the best music festivals in the world, EXIT. Unfortunately I’m late for that thing. Dammit.

The Citadel - home to Exit. Which has the festival inside the fort.

I then head up and just traverse around the streets. Its a lot like Belgrade, just not as frantic paced. Which is idyllic at times.

How cool is the tiling of the roof?

After a shower I head off to grab some food at a little cafe. I then just head off and wander the streets. Again its peaceful despite the fact there is a bunch of people around. Its really calming. But there doesn’t seem to be much happening tonight. So I go chat to the hostel owner and a french guy at the hostel over some rakija and vodka before heading to bed.

Cool Fountain.

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