Buda Buda

Budapest, Hungary – August 20th, 2009.

I get up fairly early as I have to get a 9am train to Budapest. Its a bit of a journey to Budapest though. I go to the station and stock up for the trip, buy a ticket and then wait on the train. Its at about 30 minutes before the train comes that I realise I’ve left something behind – my portable HD – with ALL my pictures on it. I immediately bolt with my backpack on and take a bus there, grab my HD and then get a taxi back. I make it just in time….to see a car driving along the tracks. Then the train.


The journey is long and fairly boring. But I score a compartment to myself so I spread out and take in the flat land thats coasting by.

Train rides.

At the station in Budapest I exchange some Serbian Dinars for Hungarian Forint’s and head to the Metro to go to my hostel (Goat’s Hostel). Its actually a really small hostel – a few rooms but some friendly hosts and people. I chill out and ask the Evi (hostel worker girl) where I can get some food. And she points me in direction of the river and then reminds me that its Hungary’s National Holiday and that there will be fireworks over the Danube.

I head off down the street to get some food and traverse up and down the street. Its getting a bit packed, before I hear someone yell out my name. I turn around and its one of the blokes from Belgrade (forgot his name) so we catch up and go for a walk to find something to eat. But in the end I resort for BK and then we grab some cans of Beer from a street vendor and sit by the Danube and people watch.

Whats the time? Time to get ill!

At about 9 the fireworks go off. From the Lion Bridge, Castle and atop the mountain in Buda. Its a pretty impressive display. But it gets smokey rather quickly. And we head off to find a bar to drink in.

Works of Fire.

We end up at this bar with a band playing. It was the first we saw. And the place has no room on the walls as its covered in tickets, cards, anything! And we drink a few beers and decide to go else where. But we cant find anywhere so we head back and get drunk there.

Its a late night and I do the walk of shame from another pub at about 6-7 in the morning. That was balls.

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