Toby gets us lost

Belgrade, Serbia – August 17th, 2009

Today we’re off to explore Belgrade a bit more than what we have. And our tour guide is none other than Mr Tobias Morrison. Toby is a reknowned tourist guide…actually no but he does try to lead us around. And get us lost in the process.

Where we going Chris? No idea mate, Toby's gonna get us lost?

We head off down to the local market to try and bag a few bargains. Though we’re all quite amused that its mostly all 2nd hand stuff that is. Its a mixture of odds and ends – if you lived here you could pick up quite a few bargains I’d imagine though the quality might be a bit dodgey.

Markets - every day stuff.

We then head down the road a bit more to the worlds largest Orthodox Church the Sveti Sava. Its quite impressive for another church. Inside its largely still under construction. But its pretty massive.

Sveti Sava - Biggest Orthodox Church in the world.

Our next mission is we walk, and walk, and walk some more. We make it to the high street which is filled with your usual high street stores. Not to mention the glamours that walk around. This city has been breeding will I tell ya.

Toby and Myself on the main street.

We make our way through a park and to where the Kalemegdan Citadel is located on the edge of the Danube and Sava rivers. Its basically a rather large fort that has some outstanding views of Belgrade. The path next to it has a photographic gallery about various citadels around Serbia.

Sava and Danube Rivers with the Citadel in the foreground.

We head and get some food before hopping on a bus to go to Tito’s grave – unfortunately by the time we get there (yes we got up late and out late) the graveyard is shut. So we don’t get to see it. Instead we go back and grab some beers and prepare for the night.

A few of us (Rad, Toby, Chris, Eric and Myself) are hitting the fabled nightlife of Serbia. We sink a few beers whilst everyones getting ready and then go meet Eric’s mate Alex and head to an old colosseum styled stadium where we drink beers. Its an abandoned arena but its got that cool deserted aspect to it.

Drinking in the old arena. Rad and Eric.

We grab some food – that is hot dogs – and not knowing the size of them we all order a Large hot dog. We didn’t exactly realise the thing was going to be about 3 foot in length! Chris had a little too much fun with this. We also tried to get 3 Serbian girls to come out to the club with us but they weren’t having any of it.

Chris enjoying the hot dog a little too much. Probably missing his girl too by the looks of it.

The gangs all here plus a few girls to make the photo much more easy on the eyes.

We hop in cabs and head to New Belgrade where the Barge clubs are on the Sava river. During summer this barges are the place to be in Belgrade. And we end up going to a club called Freestyler. However, it takes a little while to get into place. We are outside patiently waiting to go in. Its quite obvious to us whats going on. Its basically a group of girls after a group of girls coming in. Usually they’d wait in line too, but I’ve spoken too much about the looks of the local girls lets just say they weren’t bad, and we’re all but ready to abandon our plans. Til Alex’s friend gets us in.

The boys cutting a rug.

What unfolds is your typical club night – the beers aren’t that cheap about 3-4 euros – and your standard club music. Its just ridiculously packed with a gaggle of gorgeous ladies. Gaggle doesn’t really say it. But its a fucking top night. We even befriend some local girls and then head off as the club is starting to get a bit lame – it is a Tuesday night after all.

A friendly local. Jelena and I.

I grab a cab with Alex and Eric and stop off at a place to get food. A nice big greasy burger and then head back to the hostel where I see Toby and Chris stumble in not long after.

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