Beerfest…I’m there.

Belgrade, Serbia – August 15th, 2009.

So I get up rather early, pack my bag, and head off. With a brief stop at the supermarket and Burek store. I then hop on a bus to the bus station which is a fair way out of town. And wait for Toby and Chris to arrive. Apparently they were waiting for me at the bus stop in Sarajevo. But they made it just in time.

We hop on the bus and start our journey to Belgrade. And its a long journey. A total of about 8 hours. Not including bus maintainence stops that we had not long after entering Serbia at some rural town with a squat toilet and not much else for about an hour.

The highlight of the trip though was Permed Mullet Man who sat conveniently a few seats down from me.

Permed Mullet.

We get into Belgrade and decide to walk up to the hostel. That probably was a big mistake given the hill. But we don’t get lost and find a back alley that leads to the hostel. We get in the same room and then head off to get some food for dinner before heading out for the evening.

We go get some Serbian Dinars out – its kinda weird pulling 1000 out of any kind of currency, but this is only 100 euros. Weird. And grab some food and beer.

We cook up a storm (we meaning Toby and I) and have a good pasta. And drink up the awesome pivo and recruit some fellow travellers to go to the Beer Festival. Yep, we had timed our run to Belgrade to perfection. We had arrived on the last day of the annual Belgrade Beer Festival.

We get a taxi, which is cheap, and head in to the festival. I am a bit scared off by the “No Gun/No Knifes” sign but all is forgotton once you get inside and see how friendly the locals are. The beer is amazing as well and considering the price (100 Dinar which is 1 euro) its great value too. We sink plenty of beer. And dance to a serbian band we cannot understand and just yell out nonsense and get friendly with the locals.

We go check out the rides – which Chris goes on – I dont want to spew up my beer to be honest. But the ride section seemed to be where all the school kids hang out. So we head back off to the Main Arena. We manage to tie up one of our fellow travellers to a pole on the way – near a beer tent for a refill of course.

Its quite an amazing festival. Its quite brilliant in how its set up just like any music festival. And the fact that after the last band finishes close to midnight they then get a DJ to come on and pump out tunes to about 4 or 5 in the morning. The only downside is the dust – but hey you only live once. A memorable experience.

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2 thoughts on “Beerfest…I’m there.

  1. Aleksandra on said:

    I am sooo glad that u had so much fun,because,as i see, many people just want to say that our country sucks.Well,it sucks to those people who enjoy in reading newspapers and drinking tea…snobs…I hope u will visit us again…Greetings from lovely Serbia

    • I actually really did like Serbia. Not the prettiest architecturally or anything in that regard but it is really cool. The people are exceedingly friendly (a far cry from what most people thing) and the beer/food is awesome. I am intending on coming back for a bit if I can afford the time. Cheers.

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