A town full of history…and a few movie stars

Sarajevo, Bosnia – August 15th, 2009

We wake up, and the hostel guy says he’s coming to pick us up at about 10. Which is fine, by 10:30am, I give up and start ringing around hostels from the LP guide book. However, only one place remains hostel Ljubicica which is also a tourist office.

I book a bed over the phone, then leave. Clare and myself make our way down the hill to a waiting bus and head into town. We do a trek and then depart. I go to the Hostel and get my room. Which turns out to be about 30 cosy beds in a smallish room. It’ll do but.

I give Clare a message and we plan to meet up at the post office and go explore the area. I then head to the nearest Pekara and grab some Burek for about a few bucks I get a massive chunk of Burek (sort of like a sausage roll with mince or whatever you choose inside) and a coke. Before going and sitting at the Sarajevski Sebilj near the Baščaršija bazaar which is a turkish style bazaar markets. Which is from the Ottoman Empire’s rein in the area.

Sarajevski Sebilj. Where I had breakfast.

I then head and find Clare at the Post Office – which is actually a sight in itself, its a very oppulent building. Before we set off to the river Clare sends a package she got from Mostar.

We head along the river, and cross over at Gustav Eiffel (the guy that built the big penis tower in Paris) bridge which is quite nice. And head along the bank of the river coming up to a very pivotal part of history in Sarajevo.

Gustav Eiffels Bridge.

We go through a few streets, grab a ice cream and drink and keep heading there. We go across one bridge, then back across another. I decide to climb up and over the Iron semi circle of the bridge for shits and giggles. We then hit one of the well known spots of Sarajevo.

Shits and giggles. Atop a bridge.

Now, for all you history buffs, you would know that the Heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophia were assaisanated in Sarajevo. The Latin bridge is where this momentus occassion took place. We cross over the pretty latin bridge and then to the corner where the shooting took place in 1914 and sparking WWI.

The Latin Bridge

Where WWI started.

We then walk through the markets and up to the Old Town Hall – which is at present being renovated from its current war torn state. We walked around from the front and were met with some devasting war damage to the building that was due to the war with Yugoslavia in the early 90s.

Town Hall. The damage to this building was horrific.

We then head up a fricken steep hill – some stupid guys idea i.e. mine – and head to a graveyard. The town is full of graveyards. I remember on the bus coming into town this morning and looking at a massive graveyard and then being shocked at the number of died 1993 on the tombstone. Shocking to know this happened not long ago.

But we go up and explore and take in the views that are Sarajevo. I seperate myself from Clare for about 10 minutes and just sit on the grass and think about the devastation that has taken place in this city.

Cemetary View.

We head down and jump on the next tram – they are old rickety trams but they get you to where you need to be. Where we go to the Holiday Inn where Snipers Alley was.  The holiday inn is famous here because its where all the journo’s kept a room during the war. The damage to the hotel is still evident by bullet holes in the walls and ground.

We hop on a tram back, and forget to buy a ticket. Only to be asked for a ticket near our stop. So we got busted and had to pay a fine. Unfortunately for them I didn’t have any coin on me and Clare had very small money too. So we got off with what was about a 5 buck fine.

We split up and I go and explore the Bazaar some more and stumble upon the Gazi-Husrevbey Mosque. Which is an amazing mosque in the centre of town. Gorgeous to be honest.

Gazi-Husrevbey Mosque.

A bit of a nap, and then I go meet up with Clare to get some dinner at the best Cepavcici place in town. Its meant to be famous. And the waiter just goes you have 3 options – small, medium or large. So naturally being a guy I go Large. Bad mistake. The thing is massive. 15 spiced kebab sausages inside a turkish pita bread. But my god was it amazing. Went down well with a Pivo.


We then hung out and watched ‘movie’ stars go up the red carpet. As I said in my previous post at the moment there is the Sarajevo International Film Festival on and theres a few famous people in town to promote their movies. Though we only see a cute Bosnian TV presenter. And then split up.

Someone famous perhaps.

I walk up and go check my emails – I am off to Belgrade tomorrow and am travelling with Toby and Chris. Before going to a bar for a few beers before heading in for an early night. I’m disappointed I don’t get to experience much of Sarajevo’s so called ‘excellent’ night life.

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