The Odds

Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovnia – August 13th, 2009.

A late wake up, a good trek around the station area to find a burek and a choc milk. Then back to the hostel to chill on the patio and be served proper Turkish Coffee by mama.

Clare and I decide to go explore Mostar, and drag a few other girls with us. I checked my emails too late and Chris and Tobias are on a day trip today – I’m doing one tomorrow with Majda’s brother.

We set off down the road, stopping off at the supermarket for some water, where I spot TNMT shower gel!

Turtle Gel.

We then set off down the street. Its not long til we hit a few mosque’s and then hit a bunch of stalls. We then get a sight of the fabled Mostar Bridge.

Market Street in Mostar.

The bridge crosses the icy river below, and was destroyed (read Bombed in the war in 93). It has since been rebuilt exactly like it was. The bridge is quite spectacular in the way it is shaped and the view is excellent.

We head down, and go past all these amazing markets. Selling everything from paintings, turkish styled ornaments, shirts, to bullets and bomb memorabilia. Weird.

At the end of the street is a small picture museum that tells the story of the bridge, its destruction and ressurection. It is rather moving.

We then head up over the bridge, its rather steep and slippery. And the view down to the river is about 23m give or take depending on the water levels. In summer, the local divers seek payment to dive off the bridge into the water below. You can see young boys practicing just down the river. We stick around for a bit hoping to see one dive but no cigar.

We run into the two girls from the hostel and head to a cafe for some lunch. The majority of us indulge in Cevapcici. A eastern europe specialty of spiced sausages/kebab meat with pita bread and onions. Its rather delicious.

One thing I do take a lot of notice of is these stones (originally from the original bridge) that have “Don’t Forget ’93” carved into it. Its a very poignant reminder of the turmoil that was placed upon the city and the area of where Yugoslavia once was.

Don't Forget.

We then head down to the riverbank and chill out by the river. At one stage we finally see a man take the plunge into the river. He is hanging in the air afor about 3 seconds, long hang time. The way they dive is very precise too.

Standing in front of the Mostar Bridge.

Bosnian Diver...well diving.

We find a bar that is next to the river and have a few cold cervazas taking in the amazing river and views.

Mmmmm pivo.

We go back to the hostel and chill out. Before heading out for some dinner at a restaraunt that was mentioned in the LP guide book.,.trust me your better off asking a local for advice. But the place is fairly decent, but nonetheless empty. I guess its europe, no one eats til late.

We go for a walk into town, and end up at a cave bar. We chill out in this turkish styled place that has a cool vibe going – pity the drink prices sucked massively. A few beers and a last look at the bridge and we go back to the hostel to crash.

Mostar bridge at night.

Turkish Cave Bar.

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