On the road again

Montenegro to Mostar – August 12th, 2009

I’m up early in the morning, and no one’s up so I duck off to get a haircut. The guidebooks (Lonely Planet was wrong) all the hairdressers are in Budva! So I get my hair snipped as it was getting ridiculously long and then head back to laze about, pack my bags and hang for the guys.

We (Chris, Jade, Nikki, Tobias and I) are all catching the 12ish bus to Dubrovnik – where Jade and Nikki depart us – and us boys head into Bosnia and Herzegovnia. In particular Mostar.

The boys start walking, whilst me and the girls take the lazy man option and take a cab for 2 euros.  Score. We wait awhile at the bus stop, before hopping on.

We get held up again at the Montenegro/Croatian border for what seems forever. Then are heralded on and we make it to Dubrovnik.

The bus has a bit of a pitstop here, before we keep heading to Bosnia. We stock  up on supplies – that is ice cream and chips before departing to the East.

We literally go through borders galore. We first go through the Croatian/Bosnia border. Then 5 minutes later are going back into Croatia at another Bosnia/Croatia border. Before being shipped lastly back into the Bosnia/Croatian border. So a total of 4 border hops in one day! Incredible.

We get to some out of the way place and are told to get off the bus and onto another one. So we oblige – not about to argue with anyone this side of Europe. And its not long before we are in Mostar.

I split off from Chris and Tobias and head to where I am staying. Which is not far from the bus station. Pulling up to the Hostel I am met by a friendly owner Magda and her mama. I get in and she immediately offers myself some dinner as its late. Which is amazing. Its not long til I bump into Clare (Spew girl from Cesky). It’s always good having a familar face.

Its a quiet night, travelling takes it out of you during the day, so after a few email checks I’m off to hit the hay.

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