Tragic Vision

Budva, Montenegro – August 9th, 2009.

I am up way to early, grab some food and then do the bolt to the bus stop. As there is only one bus before my bus to my newest destination, its time to go early. I don’t get to say goodbye to anyone that I’ve met. Oh well.

I get to the bus stop, and of course as luck has it, the bus is about 40-50 minutes late. Typical! The bus ride isn’t so bad, we do get some spectacular views of Dubrovnik harbour.And a good sleep for the rest of it, til I am tapped on the shoulder by an angry looking Croatian at the border.

Dubrovnik Harbour.

We get held up for about an hour at the Croatian/Montenegro border. I swear that the dodgiest passports go through but as soon as you get an Australian/USA/Canadian/UK passport it’s scrutinised to within a bee’s dick.

After getting to Budva, its a bit of a trek to the Hippo Hostel (its the only hostel in Budva) and its fairly good from what I can tell. An awesome little yard, good movie selection and cheap. The shop across the road goes down well too with 60CL beers going for 50 cents.

I spend the afternoon catching up on sleep, drinking some beer and meeting some fellow travellers in the garden. Before crashing early. Its been a long day.

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