Budva, not Budha

Budva, Montenegro – August 10, 2009.

I’m up fairly early, and have a good breakky consisting of baked goods. And chill out before deciding to head into the town centre and the beach.

I make my way down to the beach front to check it out, and am met by an overwhelming amount of serbian/russian girls. Funniest thing is they are all wearing bikinis in heels and with plenty of caked on make up. If it wasn’t for the make up they’d be decent The beach is extremely packed to the rafters – so I head to where the guy said there was some good cliff jumping.

Budva's main beach.

I get distracted on my way by going through the Stari Grad and its cobblestone streets. I get to the Citadella and go for a wander in there. It has some amazing views of the coast, but probably not worth the 2 euro entry fee.

Chilling at the wall in Budva

The view towards the other side of Budva.

I then make my way down to the beach, past this one section – which is full of people drinking and dancing to club music. Weird. Then go to the beach where the cliffs are – however its a 1 euro entry. So I pay it and head in, its so hot I just run and jump into the water for a quick swim before seeing some guys jumping at the far end of the beach.

Beach in Budva.

A bit of a trek up the cliff and there’s a good crew already jumping. It’s not as hectic as the one in Dubrovnik as its just a straight drop off. So a good few jumps makes the arvo fun.

Cliff jump number 2.

Heading back to the hostel I stop off at the supermarket and grab some meat for the bbq at the hostel tonight. I grab a bit of a siesta before waiting for it to brew.

I run into Tobias and Chris and we get chatting again. Its good to meet up with fellow travellers on the road that are going the same way. We head to the corner shop and grab some beers. The bbq fires up as the sun goes down and we all get acquainted with the others.

At about 11, we get the move on as its a resedential area and head into town. With a few roadies for the trek. We go past the beach which is lined with pizza shops and bars that are absolutely pumping.

We skip those and go to Caspers which is in the stari grad. Its a cool little bar that has some killer tunes and cheap booze. The company is good and it goes well til it shuts and we walk the miles home. Past the pizza shop for some food of course.

The gang at Caspers.

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One thought on “Budva, not Budha

  1. I’ve been to that bar too, what a setting in amongst the trees and with great music too. Loved it.

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