Beached As

Dubrovnik, Croatia – August 8th, 2009.

What better way is there to celebrate August 8th (check it out guys its a song by NoFX) but a late start over breakky and a whole lot of nothing.

I had a few things planned for today like going out to Lombuk Island and walking the walls of the city. But I run into Lisa and Jenna who are going to the beach, so I tag along. We stop off at the obligatory food run at the grocery store before walking down to the beach (Lapad).

We spend the rest of the day just chilling on some rocks and swimming about. We do make fun of a pregnant looking man – well Lisa does. And its generally just a lazy day.

Beachin' it. Jenna was scared of urchins.

Pregnant Lisa....well not really.

We head back via the supermarket and grab a few drinks than grab a siesta. We end up having drinks again on the patio before heading into town. The bus in is quiet at first, til one stop and then its absolutely packed.

City wall by night. The other photos are not publishable - Jenna ruined them with scary faces.

We head into a few bars and pubs. But I think people aren’t really feeling it tonight. We just cruise around for a bit. Its a little more subdued tonight and we only stay in town til the last bus at about 2:45. Back at the hostel we sit and chill for a bit, before I head to bed. I’ve got an early start and a bus ride to the newest country in the world!

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