A great idea to climb a fort

Kotor, Budva – August 11th, 2009

I meet Tobias down stairs to go for a trip to Kotor. Chris decides to rest, he’s just staying in to skype his girl back in Melbs.

We get to the bus station and buy our tickets, and wait for the bus. Which ultimately isn’t too long – though the bus is a bit run down. Its a rickety old bus, straight from the 60’s. But it gets us there, and I’m sure I get some sleep.

We hiked up that thing.

We walk about down below for a bit. Exploring the Stari Grad (Old Town) of Kotor. Its situated right on a big Fjord that is breath taking. We decide to climb to the top of the Fort. It doesn’t look that far to be honest.

Back streets of Kotor.

After a small donation we head up to the top. Its not overtly difficult, but when its 35 degrees it gets a bit sweaty. Not to mention it was probably a bad idea to wear thongs on this little endevour! But I do spot a few girls wearing heels! Weird. Its a good trek, up some cobblestone/dirt track right to the top of an abandoned fort.

The whole way up, you literally keep stopping just to take in the views of the bay and fjord below. It is incredible!

The view from the top makes the hike well worth while. The views are magnificent. Mind blowing. We get a few touristy snaps holding up the Montenegro Flag at the top. And basically just take in the view that is there. Incredible.

Holding the Montenegro flag up high.

Taking in the view.

We then hike back down – much easier! And grab a burek and drink for lunch. Gotta love the burek! We then go in search of a hairdresser – the guidebook says there are more hairdressers here than anywhere else. And as Tobias and myself are in dire need we search high and low for one. But don’t come up trumps. So we set off back on the bus to Budva.

Back at the hostel, Chris and I, head off down to the cliff jump. Stopping for Pizza along the way. When you get a massive slice for a euro you take advantage. And go back down to the jump. There is no one around. So its not bad – but our aim was to take photos and well my camera died of battery.

We head back to the hostel and cook up a feed amongst ourselves whilst drinking some beers outside. Jade, Chris, Nikki, Tobias and myself go into the lounge room. I then head off for a quick nap, and never seem to wake up. The bastards never woke me!

I wake up to stories of Jade and Chris playing leapfrog and stacking it.

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