To the city wall..

Dubrovnik, Croatia – August 6th, 2009.

A bit of a brief blog, but not much really happened on this day. I had originally planned to go to Mljet, but no hostels on that Island meant going to Dubrovnik instead. Not a big deal. Only problem is, the next ferry leaves in a few days time. Oh great! But never fear there is a bus that goes at about 12 noon.

So I go down the road, and get a ticket for the bus and some food for the journey. Its a bit of a trek. The bus comes and I score a seat. Actually, the seat I scored was designated and I got the back row and in the middle. The bus is pretty empty at the moment.

Bus Ride. Just one of many during my travels.

Then we hit Korcula, and the bus gets packed to the rafters with fellow travellers. And its onto a ferry for a quick 20 minute crossing to the mainland of Croatia. Before going down to Dubrovnik.

Ferry across to the mainland.

I catch the bus out to Dubrovnik Backpackers Club (the only hostel that had rooms in Dubrovnik). There are sadly only two hostels in this city. Oh well. DBC is up near the new town is and not far from the beaches.

The walk to the hostel is easy from the bus stop and I am welcome with a shot of home made Plum Rakia. It goes down and its very very strong. The hostel has an amazing view of the boat harbour and the surrounding hills.

I meet up with a few fellow travellers and we head off for the supermarche and get loaded up on supplies – namely lots of beer and some sustinence in the form of sandwiches.

We hang out down on the front patio and drink beer and chat amongst travellers. Theres a few of us just chilling there. And we get asked to move at about 10-11ish as they have complaints a lot of the time. So we move about 5 metres from there and sit on the road and drink there before calling it a night.

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