Jumping Point

Dubrovnik, Croatia – August 7th, 2009.

I wake up just in time for breakfast, and get stuck into some french toast and some bosnian coffee. I take my sweet time getting ready to head into the Old Town. Then I make my way down to the bus stop to get to the Centre. Its a bit of a wait, but one of the blokes in the hostel turns up, so we head in together. The bus ride in is pretty packed, I mean literally sardines – and people still try to push on despite the doors not being able to close.

We get off at the last stop, which also happens to be the entrance into the city. First stop is Pile Gate and the famous city wall (which you can pay to walk around on top of). Its quite an amazing sight.

Pile Gate.

We walk down the main street, its more like a promenade to be honest, and make our way to the old town harbour. Where we are met with some breathtaking views of Lokrum Island and the walls.

Outside the wall in Dubrovnik.

After a good old fashioned Burek (sort of like a sausage roll/meat pie pastry) we head off along the back alleys and end up at this hole in the wall. The guys at the hostel said that if you find this hole in the wall, then there are some good cliffs to jump off.

Walking through we are met with some fantastic views of the wall and cliffs. And spot a few kids jumping off the rocks below. We both head down and start jumping. I remember one jump, where instead of jumping, I literally slipped as I went to jump and didn’t get the projection I had hoped for. This in turn led to me heading straight for a section of the cliff that propped out, thinking fast I put a foot down and spring off it. Yep I parkoured the cliffs in Dubrovnik.

Moments before splashdown - cliff jumping.

After a good hour or two of fooling around, a bucket load of people (mainly Australians) start turning up and going absolutely massive on the cliffs. Its some quality viewing of the day.

Going big.

We continue our walk along the back alleys, its really pretty and it sometimes reminds meof the back streets in Lisbon/Porto. And then make our way back to the Hostel.

We run into a few other Backpackers and decide a BBQ is in order. So we head off down to the shop. I go to the butchers section and order “seven steaks” they literally got a slab of meat and starting cutting massive cuts of meat. I had to stop him after about 5 cause there was way too much. We also picked up a dozen snags and a shitload of beer. Gotta love the 2L bottles!

Back at the hostel I cook up an absolute storm and deliver a stupendous bbq feast! Not big noting or anything but it was amazing.

A vegatarians nightmare.

The rest of the evening, we spend drinking the copious amount of booze we had. And played a few drinking games. There was a fair crew. We decide that once we’re kicked off the patio to head into town.

Drinking games. The staple for any backpacker.

We make our way to a bar called Fresh where we drink buckets (literally kids buckets that you take to the beach) of cocktails for about 5 euros. And then proceed to an Irish bar, where one unlucky pair started a tequila challenge. A few girls decide to go home. Whilst Kelsey, the scotsman and myself go to a late night club outside the gate. Somehow the scotsman disappears and its just Kelsey and I.

Bucket Cocktail!

3 amazing girls and myself.

Someones losing to a girl in a tequila contest.

We end up finding him, then going to Club Fuego and head in, where we find the rest of the gang. In the end Kelsey and I decide its pretty crap inside and leave, but we have to wait til 5 for the bus back. So we chill outside the walls in the garden section beneath. Then make our way back to the hostel.

Passed out on the ledge. Note the drop on the other side is a good 2-3m.

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