Island in the sun

Vela Luka, Croatia – August 5th, 2009.

It’s a late start to the day. I don’t get moving to about 12 noon. But that’s to be expected when you get in at 6am. Michel suggested to go to this Island called Proizd, which is about half an hour away from Vela Luka. It actually won Beach of the year in the adriatic in 2007. So must be good.

I manage to get the last ferry out to the Island and basically lie down and fall asleep for the remaining journey out to the Island.

Waking up refreshe and at the Island I make my way to the nearest beach. And follow a dirt track to this magnificent cove that despite the rocks is unbelievable. The water is crystal clear, and there isn’t a whole lot of people around. One of the best things is that after the initalrocks, the bottom turns to sand.

Sweeping bay on Proizd Island.

After a few hours, I go and explore the rest of the island. That is to say I explored til I got to the next beach. Which was more a sloping slab of rock but had an unreal bay to explore.

Path to the next "beach"

Rock Beach.

I head off back to the Hostel where I book and plan my next move.I get up to the lounge and spot the other aussie who went for the morning dip with the 2 girls and I and he’s in a world of pain. He then shows me his foot, and he has about 30 urchin spikes in his foot! I go shit and have a look at my foot, lo and behold I have a few. Unfortunately they are in a damn terrible spot – right where my thong/flip flop/jandals strap sits on the outer side of my foot. Dammit.

We end up having a few beers and chill out on the patio before heading to the local Discoteca that we were at last night. And its another big night, til I run out of money at about 2ish. So I bail and leave the guys to it.

Crazy Croatian Go Go Dancers.

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