Another Day, Another Island.

Hvar and Vela Luka, Croatia – August 4th, 2009.

After some breakfast and a quick bag pack. I speak to the owner who says to come back and he’ll drive me to the ferry port to get to the Island of Korcula.

Its not a bad day, so I decide to go for a walk. But first things first, I go and buy my ticket on the fast cat ferry to Vela Luka on the Island of Korcula and get the details for the hostel.

One of the views on my walk around Hvar's Coastline.

I then make my way back around and along the beach side of Hvar. There is a few little beaches that look ok, but don’t look great. I make my way to one spot – its more of a rocky outcrop where you can swim and laze about.

My beach spot on the coast.

I do exactly that and don’t do a great deal. I read some of my book and do a lot of swimming. I start to get a bit peckish and head back into town to find a Pekara. On my way in town I run into Tobias, Chris, Sarah and Anna and we hit the Pekara up. And then go off as  I have a ferry to catch.

Hvar Harbour.

Up at the hostel I wait for the guy, but he doesn’t turn up. So I trek down to harbour and wait for the ferry. Luckily for me, its all downhill.

The ferry goes by rather quickly mainly as I fall asleep. Its one of the best things, you don’t get a lot of time for sleep when your travelling around. To get an hours shuteye does wonders. And I end up in the town of Vela Luka in no time.

I make my way to Hostel Manuel and get settled in. The owner Michel says that they are going to have a bbq and ask everyone to pitch in 20 kuna. Whilst the rest of us pitch in 20 kuna for beers and we get a few cases of the finest croatian beer.

We’re sitting up and waiting for the food to come, when Michel comes back and has at least 7kg of meat. And 2 loafs of bread. The bbq is a real treat – superbly cook steaks and snags down the croatian way. Amazing. We get fairly hammered as well. And as soon as the beers are finished we head to the only bar that is open after 12.

We walk in and I go rounds with one of the aussie blokes there. We start off on beer, but then realise we can get double vodka’s and sprite for roughly the same price of about 40 kuna. Its a rather trashy night.

Apparently its rather common in Croatia and the Balkans to have ‘go-go’ dancers at the club gyrating to the music.And well, if you like them that much you can even pay for their company.

On the walk back at about 5, we see two of the british girls that are staying at the hostel stripeed down to their undies and jumping into the harbour. Well, what’s 2 guys to do but join them. Stripped off to our boxers and dove right in. I kept on tell the girls to be careful as I felt like everytime I stepped on the bottom I was touching urchins.

The sun is just peeping up from over the horizon when we set off on a wet walk back to sleep.

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