Hvar again

Hvar, Croatia – August 3rd, 2009.

After a brief shower, and a quick food run for breakie. I sit out on the patio and take in the sun. The owner of the place suggests I go out to this Island called Strpsanka.

It takes a while to get going – you know how it is with travel – and I head off down to the waterfront. I see a small beach and ultimately decide I have to get rid of this hangover so its a jump into the water for a quick dip.

Beachside living. The small beach I took a swim at.

I then walk around to the Riva and and check it out during the day – a few more massive boats are moored and its a very picturesqe habour town.

Hvar Harbour.

I walk through some back streets, and make my way to the main square and get some grub and have the trusty baguette lunch in the shade on the main square.

Hvar town square.

Finding a ferry out to the Island was no problem at all. There are a few doing rounds out to the islands. I jump on the first one that looks booked, as prices are all the same, and it doesn’t move for quite some time. But we start making our wayout there, slowly I’ll add. But hey at least its not sinking!

The first stop was a nudist beach, and I got quite a fright when there was a couple snorkelling naked not far from the boat. And as much as it pains me to leave wrinkly old ladies in their birthday suit we bid them farewell and head to the next island.

Which is Strpsanka. Its basically an Island, and has a bar. In the middle of the bay is a pontoon. And the place is ridiculously packed. I spend the rest of the afternoon swimming, snorkelling and lying on the floating pontoon. Tough life you see.

View from the

Floating Pontoon.

I make my way back to the hostel, cook up some food and drink some beers as the sun goes down. Its a replica of last night – rather quiet til about 1, then things pick up.

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