Onto Hvar

Hvar, Croatia – August 2nd, 2009.

I awake to a room full of girls. Nothing uncommon for mixed dorm rooms. Unfortunately, a certain appendage had somewhat fallen out whilst asleep…and seeing it was too hot to sleep under the sheet…well he gave everyone a wake up call. Oops, sorry.

Its a bit of a slow start to the day. Most people are doing a day trip around Brac, I am going to Hvar as I had already booked accomm there.

So instead I watch the castle again, weird but hey, its good. I then godown to the beach. Via the Pekara and score a lamington! and a few pastries before heading to the beach. Sadly, as with most beaches here, there is rocks and pebbles as sand. Sucks. But the water is super clear and so refreshing despite the painful walk along the rocks to the water.

Beach at Supertar.

I head and grab my bags, and bid farewell to Brac and go down to the ferry were I suss out the best way to Hvar. Which is to go via Split to Stari Grad. I buy immediatly and hop aboard.

Supertar harbour.

The first ferry is completely empty, so I spread out and laze about. The 2nd ferry from Split to Stari Grad is packed. I do find a bit of room on the top deck and lay against my backpack and doze off to the rolling of the ocean. Onto the bus to Hvar Town and I see some amazing coastline on the way. Then off to the hostel.

Coastline on the way to Hvar Town.

I grab some dinner and chill out talking to people on the balcony. We end up going into town for some beers. The harbour looks rather pretty at night all illuminated. And there are some god damn impressive yachts.

We end up at “carpe diem” which seems full of rich playboys – but apparently its just people looking rich. We then find a few other bars, and clubs. The town isn’t too big but its got a pretty good nightlife.

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