Island Hopping

Brac, Croatia – 1/8/2009.

The morning is filled with a chill out and a lounge about in the hostel. I then head off to the ferry at about 12ish for my ferry. Standing in line to get tickets, I notice the guy in front of me has a Blackwolf bag….this just signals an aussie. So I end up talking to him and his mates (Tobias, Chris, Sarah and Anna). We figure out we’re going the same way so we stick together.

The ferry ride is pretty quick, though freakin’ hot can also be used to describe it, it was literally boiling. Everyone is sweating bucketloads, we manage to get seats but it doesn’t help cool the heat. During the voyage I find out that Tobias and Chris were at the same campsite as myself for Pamplona.


Ferry ride to Brac

We get to Supertar in Brac and start to look for the hostel guy, but don’t find anyone, so start making the trek up there. We stumble onto the hostel guys/girl and make our way up to the hostel. Its up the hill a bit, but its not a bad hostel. Really friendly.

We go down to the harbour for a quick meal run, and the harbour is rather pretty. And end up back up at the hostel having a few beers. I find that they have the castle on dvd….so I whack that on straight away. And watch it. Been way too long.

Supertar harbour.

The night is pretty awesome. We all gather out on the patio, and chill out, mingle, drink and get to know all the travellers. We end up down at this outside bar and drink beer for pretty cheap. I distinctly remember drinking cheap home made wine from under the table that tobias brought. Always helps. We move onto a local discoteca and get our groove on – before heading back up to the hostel for a sleep.

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