Split It

Split, Croatia – July 31st, 2009.

Somehow after crawling to bed at about 6, I am up at 10. Weird. But very very gingerly I may add. I grab some breakky next door at the grocery store and chill in the hostel for a bit. Tease the croatian hostel girl for a bit and head off.

I go to grab some food (the kind that helps hangovers – greasy) and the guy at the hostel suggested Fab Food on Nadroni Trg (Main Square).

I head off down past the markets and into the old town. It is made up of the Diocletin Palace (3rd Century) and is basically a lot of ruins with some older houses around it. Despite this its still very cool to look at. There was a cathedral and a peristyle (mini square). And a walking towards the main square I spot a bunch of ‘roman’ guards. Oh tourist cliche.

Cathedral Tower in Split.

Considering this is the main port of Crotia, there isn’t a whole lot here. I grab a chicken burger from Fab food for 20 Kuna and stroll around, exploring all the old town and getting lost.

I end up back at the Nadroni Trg and back to the Riva (which is the Port front). And chill out, finish the burger. I make my way back to the air conditioned comfort of the hostel and have a nap.

Riva in Split.

The kiwi’s that are in our room decide to go down to the beach, so I tag along (seeing as I know where it is – though I was drunk when I was there). One of the kiwi’s and myself swim out to these boats that have slides on them. Its not til we get out there that we realise they are hire boats….so that idea is screwed. So we swim back. Nothing wrong with a bit of a swim. But the water is incredibly salty.

The view back to the beach.

I walk back to the hostel to cook up some dinner, do some washing and drink some beers. But I get capitivated by the view I see on the way back. Something surreal about being in a different place and just having a view (maybe not good) but its still captivating.

I chill at the hostel and drink some beer, before we end up at this cool bar just behind the main square (and because its a friday night) the place is packed! So after a few beers we head off. I decide to split, seriously pun was intended, and crash after a bite at the Pekara. I start my Island Hop along the Croatian coast tomorrow!

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