Hello, I’m in Delaware….wait Split.

Split, Croatia – July 30th, 2009.

After a pretty dreadful breakfast, that consisted of stale bread and tuna paste (seriously nothing else) and a lukewarm coffee, I leave for the bus station with Sarah. We both decide to get some decent food at the supermarket before buying our tickets.

My bus leaves pretty much straight away, so I bid farewell (totally tear worthy – not really) to Sarah and hop onto the bus. However, the bus is fairly packed and I score the last seat.

The bus ride is ridiculous. Packed to the brim. We still stop to pick up people. Who don’t have a seat and end up standing for the journey. I feel pity for them, if it wasnt for the jerk next to me thinking he deserves the ballspace of a porn star. My journey is spent trying to get room for myself from this swesty dick next to me.

On arrival at split, I hop off and am bombarded with cute nannas offering me a room. However, I already have a bed at the Adriatic Hostel. Which has an ideal location, next to a supermarket and the local markets.

I don’t do much else with the day but sleep. Then watch some sports (swimming world champs) and drink beer. Not to mention my awesome spag bol I cooked up and made fuckers jealous with. We drink beer and play some drinking games before setting off for the nightlife of Split.

We head to this little bar behind the main square of Split. We drink a few pints, before splitting (pun intended of course) to the club via the pekara (bakery). The club is right on the waterfront, is cheap as and has an amazing amount of hot croatian woman. It goes beer, shot, beer, shot….repeat for quite some time. Add in some cheesy dance moves and its good.

At about 5am the lights come up and we start to make the trek home. We end up walking along the beach, when we get the swell idea to go for a swim. I get a shock at how salty the water is. But there is a good 20 people enjoying an early morning dip. Its not long til people start taking off their undies and its a skinny dip time.

We try to warm up by tucking into some savoury goods at the pekara (thank you for being open so late or early) and stumble back to the hostel as the sun starts to hit the sky.

We get to the hostel, and see a group of about 10 people at the bottom of the stairs to the hostel. They couldnt get in, ouch, and we crashing out the front and waiting for someone to come home.

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