Organ zounds

Zadar – July 27th, 2009.

Awaken to a rattling carriage and a sore back is not exactly pleasant. But when you stand up, slip out of the human tetris ball, and to the window to be met by a gorgeous rolling countryside and one of the prettiest sunrises I have seen is downright amazing. Something I will truly treasure, despite the hardship of the train travel.

I make my way to the youth hostel in Zadar, and just my luck there is only one. On exiting the bus and going to the hostel, I realise its a YHA hostel, and then met with a Contiki bus. I literally just go “Oh fuck!”. If you know me, you will know my displeasure for ‘bus/coach tours’ of Europe. Especially those aimed at 18-35. And the name Contiki. The next night I will hear the worst story by a dickhead traveller on one of these tours – and it pretty much sums up why I hate them.

Anyway, seeing as I cannot check in to 1pm I dump my bags and go explore Zadar. I get off the bus, and see a supermarket and grab some breakky – yoghurt and chocolate milk! Score. So I scoff my food whilst walking down to the harbour. And across the bridge to the Old Town.

Roman Forum, Zadar.

I make my way down to the Town Square, before heading down to the Riveria. Where I stumble upon what is called the sea organ, which is actually an organ that is played by the movements of the ocean and the sounds are unbelieveable. There is also the Sun Clock next to it but thats pretty boring, except for the massive boat next to it. I end up lazing on the step next to the sea organ and reading a book, before drifting off to catch some sleepy zzzz’s.

Sea Organ, Zadar.

I head back through the town and back to the hostel, via the shop for some lunch (trusty baguette with salami and cheese). I check into my room, and sit outside and eat my food.

Its getting a little bit on the hot side, so I go off to the local beach and go for a swim. And I am not really used to it, because unlike in Spain/Portugal the beaches here are rocks and pebbles. Bloody torturous on your feet. Its great once you get out in the water, but the trek down to the water is terrible.

After a swim, I make my way to the town again, and grab a few beers. On my way down to the harbour I see some Croatian Crooner belting out a song for a music video….looks as gay as Smithers.

Croatian music video shoot...weird.

I go and sit by the sea organ and watch the sun go down and people watch. It is by far one of the prettier and relaxing sunsets I have witnessed.

Sunset over Zadar.Chilling with a beer.

Sunset Dive.

On the way back to the hostel, I run into a group of breakdancers – they are an overbundane of these guys in Europe. And also a pretty good water polo game.

Night time water polo on the Zadar Riveria.

Back at the hostel I run into a girl named Sarah, who is also making plans to go to Plitvice Lakes National Parks tomorrow. So we organise to meet up fairly early in the morning and head there together.

I have a few quiet beers at the hostel garden, mainly due to the massive amount of kids nearby and doss pretty early.

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