Rock and Water

Bled, Slovenia – July 26th, 2009.

Up pretty early by my standards, we leave at 9 for Canyoning, and I grab some breakfast – big tub of yoghurt – and wait for the girls at their hostel. They seem to have had a pretty big night after I left – with some picking up slovenian men and going for a midnight dip in the lake. Georgie is still drunk and does a ‘Ashley’ jig from Cesky.

Doing the 'Ashley' Jig.

We hop in the car, and head out of town.  Before being called back as someone was left behind. We go to our guides crib and pick up our equipment which consisted of running shoes, booties, wetsuits and helmets. Piling into the car, we get driven out into the hills of the surrounding mountains, and end up between Bohinj and Bled at a canyon site.

We are told to put ALL of our stuff in the wetsuit and place them on like a backpack – see pic for details. And hike up about 20 minutes to the top of the canyon. Where our guide tells everyone to immediatly go to the toilet, as not to piss our wetties. Its a bit of a struggle getting on the wetsuits for most people but before you know it, the guides giving us all the info we need before setting off down the river.

Our wettie backpacks.

We climbed down into the canyon and were told to sit on the edge of this little pool – where the guide immediatly splashed us with ice cold water. Which was a good idea as we were just about to do our first dive into icy cold water.

The next few hours were spent traversing, sliding, jumping and climbing through a picturesqe canyon in Slovenia. And I must admit it was one of the most funnest activities I have done. Certainly an awesome experience. And plan to do it again, but at a higher degree of difficulty.

The gangs all here. After our canyoning trip.

We go back to the hostel, where we cook up some yummy omelletes before I say goodbye to the girls and head off to the train station to go to Ljubljana and then a train to Zagreb. Before getting on a night train to Zadar.

This would have to be one of the worst, but certainly one of the memorable train rides I have taken. The first train to Zagreb was fine – it was an Austrian train so it was modern and up to date. However, at Zagreb – where I got a quick snap – and a feed. Before getting onto the next train.

The train to Zadar was an old fashion rattler, it had compartments and I’d managed to score one by myself for a while, til some friendly Germans joined myself in the carriage with an iPod dock and speakers. Thinking I’m gonna have a pretty good trip, the ticket conductor gets on board and tells me I have to go to a different carriage as this one will be seperated and going to Split, where as I’m going to Zadar.

Zagreb Station....not much going here.

So I head to the rear carriages as told, and I have a look at all the compartments. There is one with room – an old lady, a dog and a daughter (I presume) – and ask them if I can take a seat. Only to be rudely told “Seats taken” in a forrest gump kind of stupor. Fair enough. So I dump my back in the aisle and watch as the country side goes by in darkness with a twinkly of light.

I go to get comfy leaning up against my bag in the aisle, before the friendly Austrian girl who caught the train with me from Ljubljana comes up to me and says she has a spot for me in her compartment. Sweet.

The compartment is rather small, cramped and has 4 people. We all sort of spread out, and weave around each other as best as possible whilst trying to sleep. It was basically human tetris.

Its not long til we’re all drifting off to the rattle of the train carriage.

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