Bled Around

Lake Bled – July 25th, 2009.

After a good sleep in and some Yoghurt, I start to head off around the lake. But end up going with the UK boys in my room. After a brief pit stop at the supermarket – to stock up on food. Well lunch. Before making our way down to the lake.

The festival is in swing already and they are having boat races out on the lake. I mean Gondola races. We start our walk around, before hitting a baby swans with weird feet. And keep walking. It takes about an hour or so to get to the far end.

Pier, Couple and Lake Bled.

The Church through the trees.

My plan was to climb to a lookout point at this end of the lake. Its basically where a lot, 90% of postcards are taken from, and I find a little path that has the name of the lookout, Osojnica Viewpoint. So I ditch my new buddies and head up (they fear its gonna be too long as the sign says 7km).

The walk up is pretty hectic, its hot and its humid. My shirt gets pretty sweat soaked. But its not long til I get to the top of the curving dirt path to a set of seriously step steps.

Step ass steps.

At first, I think I am at the lookout, til I see another arrow pointing to the proper viewpoint. But the view is so good here, that I decide to chill, suck back some h20 and eat some food.

I head up to the other viewpoint, and then get completely blown away at the emerald green Lake Bled, Bled township, castle and the Julian Alps in the background. I just soak up the view as it is tremendous. Seriously amazing. So worth the hike up to the top.

At the top viewpoint.

No words needed. Gorgeous.

I make my way back down, and it is a lot easier to get down. And continue to make my way around. There are a tonne of people chilling by the river, swimming and mucking around. I try to find Georgie and Clare, but no luck. So I keep walking back.

Small boat on Bled Lake.

I get back to the hostel and chill out at the hostel bar with a few brews with the UK guys. Sitting outside on the patio and sinking back a few beers, always a good way to end the night. And we end up going to get Pizza, again its fantastic.

I go and catch up with Georgie and Clare at their hostel, and they wring my arm to come and do Canyoning tomorrow. So I go and check out my options – go canyoning and get the night train to Zadar, Croatia OR Go to Pula, Croatia. In the end I end up deciding to go Canyoning. I ditch the girls and go for a walk to get money out, but the ATM/Cash point is dry – festival ate it all up. So I chill out and walk around the festival – its closing up and most of the stalls are packing up shop, but there is a few good things to see and eat/drink.

Lit up Tree at night in Bled.

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