Explore and Bled.

Ljubljana and Lake Bled – July 24th, 2009.

So I wake up, chill out, and head down the road to a cafe for breakfast with my american hostel buddy. Before heading back, packing the bag and going to explore Ljubljana.

I take the bus in, and go straight for the Dragons Bridge. And my first impressions and now placed in the gutter as this part of Ljubljana is amazing. Its a gorgeous little bit of the city. The Bridge itself is small, no traffic and two dragons protecting it. With the castle in the background and river below, its pretty special.

Dragon Bridge.

Dragon Bridge, Ljubljana.

I make my way through some markets and head to the Furnicular, to head up to the Castle. Its not a long wait, and its not long before we’re making our way up to the top of the hill. The hill is basically the centre of the town. And you get a pretty splendid view of the surrounding area. Despite the gloomy look of the majority of the city.

Ljubljana from the Castle.

I walk around the Castle, its courtyards are free, and the buildings you pay to go in. Being on a tight schedule, I opt to just walk around, then head off down to the city below. Its a pretty green walk down to the bottom, with plenty of vantage points of the city.

Chilling on the walk down.

I get down to the bottom of the hill and cruise around. There are these cool little markets around, so I go off and explore them. Before hitting a Mariachi Band and stick around and watch them do their thing y’all.

Mariachi El Ljubljana.

I get in a hurry and go off to get my bag, and head to Lake Bled. I get to the station, and call up the hostel (they have free pick up). However upon the guy arriving, he says “I can’t take you cause we’re full. I’ll drive you to town and you can get a room there”. Oh just fricking great. I spend the next 30-40 minutes searching for hostels and just staying at the first one I find. It’ll do the trick.

I go for a walk down to the Lake and it is pretty impressive. A bright, glacier blue lake that is just waiting to be dived into. There also seems to be some sort of Festival going on with lots of stalls and market shops around.

First view of Lake Bled.

I go around the corner to the supermarket to get some food and a cheap beer or 3. And on my way back I run into Clare and Georgie (two girls I met at Cesky Krumlov). We finish off the beers and head off to have some pizza at Rustic Pizza. Even though its slightly pricey, the pizza is unbelieveable. By far the best I have had (until I get to Italy). And goes down pretty well.

We go grab a jumper as its getting cool – before heading down to the Lake to watch the fireworks and get into the spirit of a festival – that is drink copious amounts of alcohol and have a good time. We grab some Mojitos to go, and beers before seeing the whole lake being flood with light.

Thousands of candle lit egg shells.

The whole lake is being covered in little egg shells with candles in them. The photos do not at all do them justice at all. Something  that you don’t see every day, but literally mind blowing.

The candle lit egg, in a plastic beer glass. All class guys.

We drink some more, and wait around for the fireworks, over the castle and monastery on the lake. Which go off pretty well. Before going to a pub and drinking some more beer. Its a pretty early night -there isn’t a lot of ‘bars’ here. But it is a pretty fun night.

Fireworks over the lake.

Fireworks on the Lake.

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