Chilling by the river

Cesky Krumlov – July 22nd, 2009.

So waking up and deciding what to do….well it was one of those days when I just woke up and didn’t think about where the hell I was going the next day. So instead of trying to work something out in the morning, I decide to just stay.

So I sit around having a coffee and eating a toasted sandwich from cafe 99 (across the road from the hostel) and I end up deciding to spend the day down by the river with Kelly, Ashley, Tom, and Adam.

After a quick pit stop at the supermarket to buy a case of Pilsner Urquel, its off to find a spot on the river. Which at first seems easy, but then we find no way through to the riverbank, so we have to walk with our case in hand to the river.

After realising its a tad hot and we have no way to keep our beers cool (rookie error) I decide the best thing to do is to dunk them in the chilly Vltava river. So I walk out and find a good spot for them. And make my way back onto the bank.

Finding a spot to chill our beers sans esky.

The next few hours are spent drinking beer and talking to everyone. Tom and Adam turn up a few beers into it, before Kelly and Ashley go get some food for us to eat whilst drinking.

Chilling with Kelly by the River.

Its not long before a few of us decide we need to go to the toilet, and without any toilets well, you just need to look at this picture.

Free flowing in the river.

We finish drinking our beers, then head up for Free Keg Night at the hostel. After a quick shower and a nap. We all assembly in anticipation for the keg, which is being supplied by a local brewer. As soon as the keg is tapped our beers are filled up and we start drinking back the amber goodness.

Back to the hostel with a case of empties that got us 150CK when returned. Sweet!

Kelly is deadset keen on playing some beerpong. And we scrounge around for some glasses we can use for it. The cups end up being all different sizes but we do have a good few games before the keg is dry.

Beer Pong at Hostel 99.

We go and grab some food from the pub, and immediatly after I start to feel a bit on the crap side. About half an hour later, after a lie down, I end up chucking up my guts into the toilet, then chucking up my guts from the other end. The rest of the night is much like this – every 20-40 minutes I am above the bowl. A quite unpleasant experience and the first time in a long time that I’ve been physically sick like that.

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2 thoughts on “Chilling by the river

  1. Never worked out why so many people got ill.
    Remember one girl had to go to hospital and Owen was talking about catching a taxi to Prague because he couldn’t bare the bus.

  2. Neither, must have been something there…but a ridiculous amount got sick. Not sure what it was though. Oh well. Good times.

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