A float down the Vltava River

Cesky Krumlov – July 21st 2009.

So I go and grab a bite from the nearby 99 cafe with a coffee whilst checking some things to do before the days big trip. I duck off down to the Cesky Krumlov Hdrany (castle). I make my way over the moat and am greeted with a sign which read “Don’t feed bears!”. Which seemed kind of odd in such a town. But lo and behold, down in the castle moat is 2 brown bears going about their business, though it seems quite sad that they are locked up like that.

Through the castle gates, I decide to climb up to the top of the Castle tower, where it takes a few minutes up to the top of the tower, where you get amazing views of the little town. Rather picturesque.

I head on up through the castle grounds – there are plenty of Castle buildings to explore but it costs a bit to go into them. So I head up to the manicured gardens and then down and watch some of the rafters going down the Vltava river.

I go down to the supermarket to get some beers and drinks for the rafting we’re doing this afternoon, but run into Adam and his friend who suggest I go in with them. So we go back to the hostel with our case of beer (66cl bottles) and wait around with the others for the rafting expedition.

I try to upload photos onto my hard drive, but for some reason it doesnt happen (hence why there are no photos of prague or ceksy that I took but my friends were kind of enough to let me ‘steal’ theirs).

Most hostels in Cesky Krumlov offer a rafting experience. Its not like a normal sort of rafting experience with rapids and that. But this rafting trip was more like a pub crawl on water.

There are two rafts with about 8 on each raft. We get taken down to the river and hop aboard and crack open the first drink and float down the river. Its not long til we are at the first bar, and enjoying another beer.

We head to the next stop and have a bit of a swim and more beers. Things get a bit sketchy on the next float. Halfway to the next bar I get the urge to piss. So I hop over the side of the raft, hang on and do my business. Somewhere during this little detour of mine, someone doesnt keep us on course and we set off straight for a tree and collide into it. Shit goes everywhere, we lose a bunch of things. List thus far: Video camera, ring, wallet, oar and my camera. Although the wallet was recovered later on. A bit of carnage one could say.

We get to the next stop where, Clare decides to hug the side of the boat and spew everywhere. Whilst the rest of us grab beers and sit around. At one stage, Ashley begs her friend Kelly for some money. But because shes a wee bit drunk, ok rephrase, massively drunk we make her do a jig a half dozen times. It still doesn’t get her money, so she steals Kelly’s money and runs off. Only to trip over 10m from where we were and for Kelly to walk over and pick up the money.

We continue on down to the last few stops of the trip and end up at a huge campsite where a lot of of rafters are camping. A few people a little worse for wear and spewing everywhere. We end up back at the campsite and have a hot shower.

We settle in for the evening on the patio, having a few cold beers and a cheap dinner from the pub next door. We end up back in the kitchen celebrating Adam’s birthday and counting the damage. We end up being involved in an impromptu jam session by the irish man.

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2 thoughts on “A float down the Vltava River

  1. Loved when the dutch girl checked Clare’s pulse – brilliant! Irish man was Owen got his email somewhere. Great job with the writing takes me back.

    • haha I completely forgot to mention that! But that was brilliant! I forget half of the people I’ve met on the road mate – too many. I just remember the ones I kept running into (Clare) or the ones I stayed in touch with.

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