Once upon a Weinstein.

Prague – July 19th, 2009.

I didn’t make any plans for the day, so instead of going anywhere, I choose for another day in Prague. After a check out, and taking my bags down to the store room. I basically mingle and laze about with recollections of last night. I bid farewell the Americans and then head off for the Jewish Quarter.

I hop off the tram and instead of going to the Jewish quarter I go up to this giant metronome, which was put there in place of a Stalin monument. There are a few kids skateboarding and a few people just enjoying the view.

I head down to the Jewish Quarter and wander the streets. I go in search of some Synagogues but, sadly, they want you to pay to get in. Though I get a peep of the Jewish Cemetary through a fence. I find it a disgrace you have to pay to get into some Churches – especially seeing as they are a place of worship. But I guess they need to make their money somehow.

I walk along, and go past the Kafka museum and then find myself at an English bookstore making a few purchases. Before finally going to the John Lennon Wall. This is the only wall in Prague that you can legally write on. Its full of Beatles phrases and statements about Peace and No war etc. Its a pretty cool statue, pity all the cafes nearby are trying to cash in by naming them after beatles members.

I go back to the hostel and check into my room, before running into Matt who asks myself to come up and chill out. We end just chilling and listening to tunes whilst they packed. We go up the road and grab a feed before coming back for some happy hour beers.

Its a pretty quiet evening, with everyone just chilling in the downstairs bar over a few beers. Before calling it a night.

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