Four Winds

Prague – July 17th, 2009.

I sleep in massively and miss the breakfast downstairs. No problems I’ll make my way to the grocery store and pick up a tub of yoghurt and some juice. Once back at the hostel I peel open the yoghurt to be met with utter disgust. Its Rice Yoghurt. Who would actually eat that garbage. Yuk. So I chuck it and suck down the OJ.

I make my way over to the furnicular that will take myself up to near where the Petrinska Tower. Its basically a miniture Eiffel Tower. As I said in a previous blog, everyone steals something from Paris. Actually this tower is about 2m taller than the one in Paris, mind you this one is situated on a pretty big hill.

I catch the furnicular up, mainly because I don’t feel like walking up a massive hill, when its only 1 euro to get the furnicular up to the top. Once we get to the top, everyone bails and goes straight to the Ice cream stand. And of course I join in, I could go a good Ice Cream. I make my way and lay in a park whilst demolishing the ice cream and just chilling in the garden.

I make my way to the Petrin Tower and then climb up to the top. Its a relatively easy climb up to the top. It is only 50m tall, so its quite easy. Its a massive spiralling staircase up, and as you climb you keep getting a 360 degree view of the area. The view at the top is gorgeous. This place is a beautiful city.

I make my way back down into Prague, the long way, winding down through the hillside park. Its quite nice. And I stop for some more of my favourite activity, lazing in the park. It seems that I’m not alone, as a lot of locals seem to be enjoying the excellent weather.

I take the tram back to the hostel, getting off a few stops before Delnicka (hostel stop) and discover a true czech republic market. Its basically like Paddy Markets in Sydney. But its got everything you can think off. I wander around and see what I can buy, but it starts to pour down after a bit so I do the bolt back to the Hostel.

A quick shower and I head down to the hostel bar, to find theres a fair few people around, and join in on the festivities. There a bunch of british uni students here and also Ashleigh and Matt who I end up spending a fair amount of time with over the next few days. There is a massive ring of fire game, but it doesn’t really get going, and before you know it where out the door and hiking 30ish minutes to a houseboat to party on.

I remember being freaked out by the lisp speaking canadian, but not as much as the girls where. And a lot of drinking ensued. It was a pretty good night, and after a few hours we head back. At one point it started to piss down rain and Ashleigh hands her handbag to me and we run to the hostel leaving the others behind. Everyone seems to make it back, but matt who went searching for Ash.

Matt, Ash, Louisa and I go up to the room. We go and chill in their private room for a bit, and then Ashleigh passes out pretty quickly. And then things get a little awkward so I leave Louisa and Matt to do whatever they want.

The next afternoon is rather funny, when Matt tells what happened whilst Ash was sleeping. In the spare single bed in their room, he and louisa went at it while she was passed out. Rather amusing stuff. Although, thinking about it, quite creepy.

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