A church of a different kind

Kutna Hora – July 18th, 2009

I am woken up by a big loud thud. Some poor guy fell out of the top bunk and onto the floor at the hostel. Ouch that has to hurt. And its also looking grim outside. Its pouring down rain. . Not entirely a great day to be doing things. So I make plans to get to a train station and make my way to a little town about an hour from Praha called Kutna Hora.

Its pouring down rain all the way on the tram to the train station, not to mention I somehow manage to get the wrong train station and have to trek another 10 minutes to the right station in the downpour. Theres a train pretty much straight away once I get there.

The trains here reminds me of really old train, with compartments and no heating. Not exactly ideal. And not what I’ve encountered so far. Oh well. Its only an hour or so away til we get to Kutna Hora. As soon as I step off the train, I feel like I am in a world that I havent seen before. Its very stark and not a lot of signage around. Thankfully the hostel gave myself a map to get around the town.

Its not long, but a wet walk, til I arrive at my destination, The Sedlec Ossuary. Its basically a church, where a long long time ago an Abbot brought back a handful of dirt from the Holy Land. Due to this, everyone wanted to be buried in this churches graveyard. Though, due to the popular demand an ossuary was built where the bones of about 40-70,ooo people are arranged in intricate fashion.

Walking up to the church, it feels like any sort of church. Quite ordinary. That is, until you enter and your met by an arrangement of bones. Like a sweeping Thigh bone tassle like thing going over the stairs.

Once down into the Ossuary you are met by the 70,000 odd thousand people who are interred here. And are basically gob smacked. Its truly a wonderful sight. There is a chandelier with every bone imaginable hanging in the center of the ring. There is also a shield with every bone in the body prominently displayed. It might sound very morbid and dreary, but it reminds me of the catacombs in Paris, its an amazing testament to the people who arranged this. It is bloody impressive.

On leaving I head over to a church, St Barbara, after a warming pizza and coffee. Its pretty mpressive. And morbid seeing two see through coffins with actual bodies inside is quite creepy. I start to make my way into the main square of the town, but its a good 20 minutes from the Ossuary and its getting even more wet. So I go, fuck it, and go back to Prague.

After a decent sleep on the train and a tram ride back. I wait for the free bbq to get started. This is always welcome, not to mention that happy hour is on at the same time. Sweet. I run into Matt and Ash. And ask what they did for the day, it turns out they slept for the whole day. Awesome. We all end up downstairs and keep getting our drink on. And there are a bunch of American Uni students (Hi Shyanie!). Its not long before someone has the bright idea to go on a “pub crawl”.

The first bar we go to is the actual companies bar, where they ply us with absinthe shots and free beer to get us started. Always good. Its not til we’re out and on the crawl that I realise there is too many people around. We go through a few bars and end up at the big 5 story club again, and get in straight away despite the ridiculous line up outside. As soon as we are in everyone gets split up and its just Ash and myself walking around the place trying to find people. We find some people and stay for a bit, but the club isn’t that good.

So we head off and make our way back to the hostel, via dirty bird. Then hop on a tram and back to the hostel. Say goodnight and off to bed.

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