Prague or Praha?

Prague – July 16t, 2009.

I wake up and wander down to the basement where they have an all you can eat breakfast at the hostel. All for the low low price of 3 quid. But its pretty good. Theres an array of cereals and breads. The best thing is the make your own pancakes and omelettes. Great. I fill up on them and catch up on some reading in the back garden before heading into the Stare Mesto (Old Town).

I jump on a tram near the hostel and make my way there. I jump off on near the Manesuv Most, the bridge right before the famous Karlov Most (Charles Bridge). And I must say the view down the river is quite a sight, its sunny and the water is flowing freely. And the bridge looks quite splendid (quite different from actually being on it as you’ll see later).

I wander through the streets to the Starometstke namesti (Old Town Square) which is quite packed. But has another world charm to it. There are a few churches on this square. The one I liked best was the Church of St Niklaus. I chill out in front of a statue and watch tourists flock around. Til I get some hunger pains and decide its time to eat.

So I head off towards the other end of the square, only to reach a crowd that is building by the second. Its not til I look up to my right that I see the Astronomical Clock (another of pragues wonders). It goes off every hour and its about 5 minutes to 1. So I stick it out and wait for it to go off. What happens is rather comical – once it goes off all it is is a bunch of wooden puppets waving as they go past and a skeleton ringing the bell. I actually burst out in laughter when everyone started clapping. And realise I should probably get away from these cretins.

I wander down some back alleys to try and find some good cheap place to get some food. Rule 1 when travelling, never eat near a tourist attraction, prices go up extraordinarily. So I find  a cheap cafe and order a panini and a cappuchino and chat to another traveller who tells me I have to go to Cesky Krumlov – I already have plans of going there.

After some lunch I make my way to the Karlov Most – but get distracted by some market stalls and remind myself to come back here (though I never actually did). And then walk to the Charles bridge. And although its a gorgeous bridge and all, the amount of tourists and people selling things. I remind myself come here early! But again I forget to.

I get across the bridge, whilst not touching the ‘lucky’ statue. Which I didn’t know til I asked someone later. I then trudge up the hill and get my tourist on. Yup, another castle. Its castle central over here. So get it while you can. I think its the same as the bridge. Its a gorgeous castle – rather disimilar to a lot of castles but its best seen from another vantage point. So instead I decide to sit on the edge of the wall and look out over the city of Prague and take it all in before setting off back to the hostel for Happy Hour.

After a few drinks, Allison and Jahnna get onto me and we organise to meet up later on in the evening at a beer house. I drink some more cheap cheap beer and go into town. Along the way to the beer hall I run into some ”friendly” strangers asking if I needed help. A quick ‘no’ and I shuffle away fast as they don’t look like the most desirable people to hang out with. I get to the beer hall, pull up a seat and wait for them. But the beer hall is actually shut. So we have a beer or two and then try to find a bar, but find a gyro store instead and decide to call it a night and we’ll catch up another time.

N.B: There is a lack of photos from Prague, and I apologise severly, but in an upcoming adventure in Cesky Krumlov my camera went missing, and was never returned. Stay tuned for details of that later on.

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4 thoughts on “Prague or Praha?

  1. Wow .. kinda stunning issue. I am going to blog about it likewise.

  2. Marianne on said:

    Where is the hostel in Prague that you are talking about. In the old town?

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