Ciao Espana, Viva Praha!

Prague – 15th July, 2009.

So this is going to be a rather tiny post. Mainly because not a lot actually happened. But its going to be a travel day basically. Nothing interesting there.

The trip to the airport is pretty easy, I don’t have to trek all the way to Girona airport which is in another city to Barca, but I actually fly out of the proper Barcelona Airport. Suckers. A few gifts from the store for family back home and I wait for my plane. I’m on a vueling flight (it was originally meant to be click air but apparently they merged with vueling). And the flight goes pretty smooth, and a good nap was taken on the plane.

I arrive at Praha, and expect to go through customs, but nope, I forgot they were in the EU. So then I find a place to find out directions to the hostel (I always, always, forget to write them down). So a bus, then a metro train, then a tram ride later and I am at Sir Toby’s Hostel. After a check in, I go for a quick stroll around the town before settling in for happy hour down in the basement bar.

Its a real bargain too. 20ck for a 66cl (long neck for you aussie folk) which works out to be under a euro for a beer. And the beer on offer is quite nice. Actually all Czech Republic beer is rather nice. So after a few drinks out in the sun in the backyard of the hostel, I decide its getting late and need food.

I hit up a local restaurant and get a cheap 3 pound chicken dish and bring it back to the hostel. But no one is around so I eat it in the kitchen and start talking to a bunch of Belgian girls who insist I come out with them to this club called Karlovy Lazne – which is a huge club with five different levels each with 2 seperate rooms, and different music on each floor. From retro to pop to techno to hardcore techno – they do it here.

There are a few people coming out, and its not a bad crew – a few americans, a few aussies and  a few europeans. So its quite good. We get in for the low low price of about 5 euros. Then make our way upstairs to one of the many rooms and start to drink some more. I am amazed at how cheap the beer was here – 40ck for a pint. Under 2 euros for a pint in a large club is unheard of. But the club is pretty dead for a wednesday night. So we only stay for about 5-6 drinks and then bail on the night tram back to the hostel.

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2 thoughts on “Ciao Espana, Viva Praha!

  1. shyanie on said:

    this is when we met you!!!!!

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