Another round in Barcelona.

Barcelona – 14th July, 2009.

I was gonna slum it in the Airport tonight as I have a flight tomorrow. But I put that on hold for a comfy bed. After a brief checkout, then check in. I head off to Parc Guell with the kiwi guy from last night.

Parc Guell is one of the more famous parks in Barcelona. Not for how green and open it is. Its far from that. It is famous for who its designer is, and the oddity of some of the parks features. It was a park designed by Mr Gaudi himself so you can expect to see a fair amount of weird and wonderful things.

We get off the bus and don’t know which way to go, but a friendly local points us in the right direction and off we go. HIking up the hill to where it is. We then see a mass of buses and think ‘Oh god, I didn’t think this place was that popular”.

We wander around and inspect the park out. Following the paths and pretty much all the tourists. Its all very amazing and spectacular. The main highlight would be the main area where the famous mosaic dragon is. The place is teeming with tourists and the like. The whole area here was amazing. Everything was mosaic. It was definitely something to see.

We go to hike up to the top of the parc, but get to a good point and see the view from there. Then decide its way too hot and we should go to the beach. After a brief pit stop at the grocery store for some food, we head back to the hostel for a feed and a charge of battery – yeah my battery died on my camera. So we chill out for a while.

Some how we get distracted by afternoon siestas and trips to the grocery store for beer. And end up on the patio chilling whilst the sun goes down with fellow travellers, and enjoying one last night in Spain. Things get a little messy, with continuous runs to any sort of off licence before being told by the hostel staff to be quiet and get off the patio. So we continue inside with plenty of drinking games and good times.

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