To Gaudi or Not To Gaudi

Barcelona – 11th July 2009.

Arrogant dick gets his come uppance. Three times. First by my alarm waking everyone up. Secondly by myself turning on the light so that I can get my things for a shower. Thirdly, when I come back from a shower and turn the light on to get changed. Karma is a bitch fucker.

I chill out and catch up with others around the hostel. Everyone has the same motive for staying here. It was the only place they could get as everywhere was booked. I laze about and don’t do a great deal til about lunch time, mainly cause I still feel absolutely dead.

Today, I am going to explore some of Antoni Gaudi’s most famous works. And if you haven’t heard of Gaudi then you need to wake up! He is one of the reasons why Barcelona is famous for its architecture. He has definitely made his mark on this city.

First stop, is the one and only La Sagrada Familia. Which is the most visited construction site in the world. Yep, still being built, and won’t be finished for another 50 years. As I walk out of the metro, I notice two willowly looking spires just staring at myself. Before I go and explore some of the church I go and grab some lunch by the park across the road.

In front of La Sagrada Familia.

La Sagrada Familia. Back of the Church.

Whilst having some lunch, I get accosted by a few kids who are trying to get money for an
“International blind and deaf” facility in Spain. I find that a bit weird, not only that but I saw the same dead beat form in Madrid. Its not long til I see them get taken away by 2 undercover cops.

Now onto gazing at the magnificence that is the Sagrada Familia. It really is an amazing bit of architecture. From my vantage point, we are looking at the rear of the church. It looks like a kid has gone completely bonkers on a huge sandcastle. But despite that, I cannot stop staring and admiring it. Walking to the front I am equally impressed, and am desperate to have a look inside – though the 2 hour long line and 11 euros for an unfinished church put a stop to that.

Front of Sagrada Familia.

The front of La Sagrada Familia.

I walk down a street, and keep walking. Its about 11 blocks til I get to the next important bit of architecture. It is one of his more famous buildings La Pedrera. Which is absolutely absurd. It is an astonishing building. But like all of Gaudi’s buildings, you seem to need to pay a ridiculous amount to get in.

La Predrera, one of Gaudi's works.

La Pedrera. One of Gaudis works.

A few blocks down the main street and I run into the House of Discords. But half of the House of Discords is behind a green curtain – getting touched up for summer no doubt. But at least Gaudi’s Casa Batllo is visilbe.

Gaudi's Casa Batllo.

Casa Batllo.

I make my way back to the Aussie pub to get some more cricket action, but then I go to do some more before realising how dead I actually am.

At the hostel I am just bumming out on the patio when I talk to 2 girls who, as you do, ask ‘where are you from?’ and because I get weird looks when I say the Central Coast. I just go ‘Have you guys heard of the central coast?’. Turns out they’re from the same area. Sweet. Weirder thing is we actually know some people. Weird. Its a bit of a quiet night but the fridge doesn’t seem to like the girls, I do feel sorry for Lucy though as she is having a very rough time in Barcelona after having her passport and credit cards stolen. Tough tough times. We both crash fairly early, mainly cause I am still suffering a post pamplona hangover.

And to round it off, a lovely painted man sitting on the can.

Man taking a crap.

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