Another day, another run with the bulls…

Pamplona – July 9th, 2009.

So its our last morning in Pamplona, which also means our last chance to watch or particpate in a bull run. Its up bright and early again, for those who want to go in, at about 5am and a chance to get our stuff together and get on the bus. Some people brought bags and that, others stayed asleep.

The sleep is always a welcome treat, especially with not much sleep happening. Once again we go past the park and see all the people who have passed out or slept there before making our way to the Bull Run. I end up hanging out with John again and we make our way to the holding yard in the main square for the hour or so wait for us to get out onto the course.

The inside of the Stadium, before the run starts.

The quiet before the storm. Arena before the bullrun.

Its a rather nervy feeling this morning, not due to the fact that 6 bulls are about to be let loose on us, but the fact that with not long to go theres plenty of room unlike yesterday where it was jam packed. Not to mention the drunk Michael Jackson walking around.

Its not long til we’re back onto the course and I lose John in the commotion of getting our spots, before getting to about the same spot as before. This time I’m not as nervy or jumpy, but more cautious and understanding about what is about to go down.

At the stroke of 8am, the first rocket goes off, and you see the faces of those around you just drop and scream “holy shit!”. I don’t loose my shit like them, but I still get a fright and start to jog a little towards the arena. The second rocket goes off and then a lot of people straight sprinting straight away. I get to near the entrance to the arena when the first steer goes past, followed quickly by a few bulls.

I look to my right as I am going through the arena entrance, and see more of the bulls coming for us. As soon as I turn around, this fool thats half a metre in front of myself decides to trip over himself, and seeing as I cannot go left as there is a wall or right as there are bulls, I basically trip over the poor sap. Land on my knee and then roll over as the bulls go past and chase them into the arena.

The bulls running into the arena.

Running into the arena.

Its again, a great experience making it into the arena. Just that electricity and excitement that is in that arena when this goes down is an unbelieveably experience. Its not long til they start releasing the ‘small’ bulls onto the crowd.

But for some reason, they seem a lot, lot angrier than they were yesterday. One bull cleared through the crowd with ease, picking up at least 4 casualties. Another did the same, but then went to the people on the fence, and starting going along the fence, taking out punters, I was about 3 people away from being taken out, before the bull turned around and went out a punter that was taping its tail – the guy really deserved it.

The arena filling up with punters.

A full arena of people.

The last bull out was going at it, but about half way into its stint, it got rather distressed and couldn’t stand up for itself. The whole thing was quite traumatic for the young bull, and its not exactly the nicest thing to watch go down. I felt appalled at the punters that jumped on it and made the situation much worse.

In some way, I feel that this letting the bulls go nuts on half drunken fools, lets the bulls get their own back before what is an inevitable slaughter later in their life.

After the last bull, its back to the bus stop, and a goodbye to some people who are leaving now and not going back to the campsite. After a bit of breakfast and a quick pack – along the way noticing my thongs have disappeared, well no just one thong. A few of us go down to catch the bus back into Pamps.

Its not til we get there that we realise we cannot get a bus back into Pamps til 2pm, and seeing as its 11am. A few of us try to rally 6 people to get a taxi into Pamplona. Its a tight tight fit, but the ride goes smooth and once there, I go straight to the ticket office to try to get out of this place. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the next bus doesn’t leave til 1am.

So I dump my bags at the Lockers and head out into Pamplona for a cruise around and see whats going on. Which isn’t much, it kind of sucks when you aren’t with people. Though the locals are quite fun and still being quite friendly.

I end up at the bus terminal, waiting for the bus to come. I basically sleep on the floor til 12, when I wake up to a guy pissing on the opposite wall. I decide I should go to the where the bus is going to leave, and wait for it.

The bus is fairly packed. However, I have a spare seat next to myself. And the whole journey goes like a blur – mainly cause everyone is so tired and wrecked that they’re all asleep, just like myself.

I drift off as I see the Pamplona Park whiz off in the distance, and hope to wake up to Barcelona.

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