Onto Pamplona

Pamplona – July 5th 2009.
There are two festivals that I were on my to do list on my European travels. One is a small little spanish festival called the San Fermin Fiesta otherwise known as Running with the bulls. Yep, I was making my way to the capital of Navarre to get amongst thousands of punters in one of the craziest festivals in the world.

I wake up to the annoying beep of my alarm clock. And then the cracking of the headache comes in. I grab a quick bite to eat and pay the hostel for my accom before setting off for the bus station. I get there rather early and chill for my bus. I mistimed how long it would take to walk with a backpack on. Oh well.

I get chatting to two cute Aussie girls who didn’t know where to get tickets from and we get on fairly well. Its only a quick trip to Pamplona, just over an hour. I fall asleep as soon as I’m seated in my seat. And wake up as we pull into town.

The 3 of us try to figure out how to get to our respective campsites, til we realise we cannot a bus to about 1. So we go to get a taxi, til we realise our camp grounds are in completely different directions. Oh well, they go off and I go and wait for the bus.

On my way back into the bus stop, I ran into another Australian guy, Dan aka Miyagi, and we work out we’re going to the same tour groups camp site. So we start to chill, then a whole bunch of people Miyagi knows turns up. Pretty much all Australians and a welshman. After a bit of dirty bird – it was the only thing to eat – and it didnt really make me feel that good. We finally get on the bus to Camping Estella – well Estella. And its a good 50 minutes out of Pamplona.

Pulling in we think theres a shuttle bus, but we dont see one at the Estella bus stop, and we go to get a taxi. Til we actually see the shuttle bus and pile on in. We check in and get all the details about what is happening over the next few days. Then we get given our tents and I end up sharing with Mr Miyagi.

Its a scorcher of a day, so we all head to the pool and see Edi and go and say hello to her, its been a fair while since I saw her so we catch up. I go and catch up on some laundry too, drying it all over the tent.

The campsite itself is pretty good. Its big and its pretty clean. Its not exactly packed out either, considering its proximity to Pamplona. But there are two tour groups here so theres a good amount. The campsite has its own supermarket and also a bar which comes in handy for a late afternoon drink.

Whilst having some sangria and beer in the afternoon. The bar gets fuller and fuller due to the amazing Wimbledon final that is being played. Roddick v Federer in a tough game. It goes down to the last set and the place is full and buzzing. What an amazing match to witness in a tiny bar in some tiny town in Spain. Amazing.

The night is fairly quiet, but the other tour group has organised a bit of a party and encourage our group to get involved. So we duly oblige, albeit sitting on the grass and drinking our big cups of Sangria. There is a good crew hanging out and its definitely welcome to meet some amazing people.

I try to keep it quiet, but with the party raging on til all nights it is a tiny bit hard. So I end up crawling in pretty late.

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