Its the night before christmas and all through the house…

San Sebastian – July 4th, 2009

…Not  a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Thats hardly what happened on this day. But it definitely has that day/night before magic to it. I’ve wake up with a giddy sensation, knowing one of the best festivals in the world is not far away.

After a bit of breakky at the hostel, this one actually provides a decent breakky, a bunch of us head up to the bus station to buy tickets to Pamplona for tomorrow. I go with the 8am one, to get there as quick as I can and not fuck around all day in San Seb – its been to long really. Before getting some food – my staple of salami, ham and a baguette also comes in handy.

I split up with the rest of the people in our room and end up walking around town finding and exploring san sebastian for my sanfermines outfit – which for those of you who dont know is all white with a red sash and hankerchief. And its an effort but I do find all the essential gear for about 20 euros. So it isn’t too bad.

After a bit of an email check I head back to the hostel via the beach, and see that there is a floating pontoon with a diving board on it. I decide I should go for a quick dip and swim out there. It doesn’t take too long but it did take it out of me, it was a good 500m plus swim out there. Maybe I am over exaggerating but it felt that long.

I end up chatting to a few blokes who are camping at pamplona and are lazing about on the pontoon. Before having a few dives off the board. It starts to get a bit overcast so I dive off and head in before going up to the hostel.

I realise as soon as I talk to all the guys after a shower that I left my sunnies somewhere. I run back into town and find them at the netcafe and then race back and catch the guys from the dorm. I only really remember one name – Baz. They are all going to a 4th of July party at a club with all you can eat and drink hours.

I dump my sunnies then head off with them. I catch up to them at the club, and the thing hasn’t started yet. Apparently its gonna start a bit later as the venue wants to cash in on tourists who want to eat. So we go grab a few cans of San Miguel and watch the game of Beach Soccer on the surf beach.

We head up to the club and wait for the food to be served, and its quite suprising. Its all ribs, chicken and hamburgers. Fuck yeah. So I grab at least 3 plate fulls during the hour of power eating edition.

After that its time to wait for the drinking hour of power to begin. However, we get smart about it, we line up and order 3. Drink and wait for the line to go down, and get another 3. We basically keep going til our whole table is covered in Sangria pints. And then we are set for an evening of drinking without paying a cent. Its not bad, theres some decent tunes on and loose people everywhere. We even make a tall pint glass snake tower that misses the ceiling by 2 pint glasses before it gets notice. A major achievement, if I do say so myself.

We head off into town and go to the 2 for 1 bar, but that deal is over after 12. So we just have a few san miguels anyway before the majority bail and its just me and baz drinking. We decide to head off and find another bar and come to Tas Tas. Baz buys 2 vodkas and red bulls as you get a free Pamplona Scarf. And we demolish them whilst watching some Bullrun carnage on the tvs. I remember going to the toilet to find it blocked – some poor sap was locked in and couldnt get out – the door wasnt budging either. So we let him be, but told the waiters at the bar (we’re cruel but not that cruel).

We bail after last drinks and head off to the hostel via the beach and end up talking to some spanish girls who only know sydney from finding nemo. Weird. By then we’re fucking beat and the girls run off to talk to other people so we bail on them and go to the hostel and crash. Its only about 3 hours before I have to get on the bus to Pamplona. Shit.

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