I can’t believe its not butter!

San Sebastian – July 3rd, 2009

After waking up in the sweatbox that is Rogers House 3 bed dorm, and realising I have to go. I am slightly happy to get out of such a bad hostel. Ok ok, so it wasn’t completely bad. Its just the dorms suck, completely, and there is NO common room apart from a kitchen. So I am happy to be leaving.

After a brief pitstop at a net cafe where I run into Jon and a few melbournian girls from the hostel (they’re all off to Barca) and book a few things like hostels in Barca and a flight to Prague its off to check in to my new hostel.

The new hostel just happens to be a fair fricking hike. Its in the new town section of San Seb and its near the ‘main’ beach. Though there is not much around but a bustling main street with new shops and such. On arrival at the hostel, the owner says I can leave my bags here but I can’t check in to later in the afternoon. So I head off down to the beach for a swim.

Though I seem to be over just ‘swimming’. I need more adventure. I need a wave but there is no swell to be found. I need a cliff to jump off but theres none of that nearby either. So I end up laying on the beach reading a hemingway book about San Fermin. Basically to get myself a bit excited about what is to come.

I head back to the hostel via the supermercato and pick up my ritual baguette, salami and cheese. And devour it in the hostel. Before officially “checking in”. I head off back to the beach, but by pass it for the main beach. Where I can do a bit of body surfing, its definitely not big enough for a surf.

Then head off back for some dinner, and meet some new room mates before just cruising around San Sebastian at night. I need a night off from the impending liver damage that will no doubt ensue at a little festival in Pamplona. I just walk around the streets and chill out eating some ice cream and watch some street performers before shacking up and sleeping for the night.

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