Eviction Pending

San Sebastion – July 2nd, 2009

So I wake up and have some breakky – Yoghurt. I have became a yoghurt fiend. Oh well, its relatively cheap and tasty. And then chill out on the balcony and decide what to do. And there really isn’t a lot to do. But its a bit overcast so I decide to climb up to the Big Jesus.

Its not a hard walk or climb, up to the top. It only took 30 minutes and it wasn’t too bad. And the view from the Jesus Statue is pretty impressive. Unfortunately I don’t have those photos as my camera got pinched at Pamplona (more on that in another blog post). But its spectacular. And the statue is pretty impressive as well.

Anyway I go downstairs and grab some lunch from the hostel, then grab a towel and head to the surf beach. And I mean that very loosely. There was no surf, 1ft if that, and about 100 or so people trying to surf it. I was tempted to get a board when I saw the waves, despite the lack of size (months away from the surf does this) but then saw the people and decided to swim and read a book.

There is one thing that I have noticed about Europe, its a lot of people get nude. Not really a lot, but a lot of OLD people. Seriously girls will sometimes go topless. But the majority of the time its old ladies who look like they have leather skin or old guys with shrivelled up balls. Its quite disgusting but I guess thats there culture.

I head back and run into Jon, and we go for some Pinxtos and some drinks around San Sebastion. Pinxtos is jut another word for Tapas basically. Its a great thing to devour. We end up walking about and down past the main beach of san sebastian. Then go back and get some food to eat for dinner, after a few beverages were brought.

We end up at one bar, with a fair crew tagging along, at this one bar that is packed to the rafters. Mainly because when you buy one san miguel you get another free. And all for the low low price of 3 euros. Bargain if you ask me. But its a bad decision to wear thongs (flip flops for non australian folk) as the floor is covered in broken glass. I don’t really notice, til someone says the net morning that I have blood all over my feet, oh well. The night is pretty loose and awesome.

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