San Sebastian – 1st July, 2009

So after not planning to do any booking. I spend my morning eating yoghurt and sussing out where I can go. I tried to get a place in Zarutz or Mundaka but I couldnt find anywhere at all. So the next best option is San Sebastian….and the prices are through the roof. I book the cheapest bed I can find, one for 25 euros at a place called Rogers House.

I check out and go do the station, and go to get a ticket but then realise oh crap no money. So I race around Puerto Sol for an ATM. And they are certainly tough to find. I even walk past a poor lady with half her head melted off, if I wasn’t in a hurry I would of given her some change. Thats one thing I have noticed in Europe, they are a lot more beggars about.

Anyway the bus ride to San Sebastian is quite ok. I even get to watch 10 whole yards and brokeback mountain in spanish. Oh yeah. I don’t really watch it but I listen to my Ipod and chill out and catch up on some z’s.

Getting into San Sebastian I walk to the hostel and struggle to find it. Actually I found the street easily, just not the hostel. It seemed to be hidden. Weird. But I check in and then realise my room is a 3 bed dorm thats the size of a cupboard. Interesting. I snag a bottom bunk.

Then go for a cruise around, find a net cafe and organise to met up with Noah at about 9pm. I get some food and go cook it over a few beers. But when I go searching for Noah I don’t actually find him. I realise I fucked up and told him the old town and not a specific spot before going quickly. Oh well.

Back at the hostel I run into a few people – Jon, Veronica and a few others. And we end up heading out. First stop is some random bar thats got 2 for 1 happy hour. So we grab 2 drinks, as you do when its 2 for 1’s but then it finishes not long after we’ve finished so we head to a MJ tribute night, where we thought there would be a stack of people, but sadly there isn’t. But we still muck about.

We then head to the other side of the river for some reason, and the girls get into the club for free, but us guys have to pay. So we bail on them and go back to the hostel and get to bed.

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