Beating Heart Baby

Madrid – June 29th to the 30th June, 2009

Well I will keep the Madrid blog to a minimum. There really wasn’t a whole lot to do there and it was to me just a big city. Though it did have a few good things but mostly just a big city with lots of pick pockets and hookers on the street.

So I grab some breakfast from down the road, some yoghurt, thats the only bad side to this hostelĀ  – there is no free breakfast. But I get some breakfast and then head off to explore a bit of Madrid.

I cruise on up to the Gran Via, which is a massive road in Madrid and walk down to the end and then turn down to what I like to call Museum street as its home to a few museums. The most important being the Museo Del Prado – sadly I am not an art buff and Spanish art doesn’t really interest myself, but I spot a church up next to it and get up there and check it out.

I head back to the hostel for a siesta and some lunch before heading out on a arvo mission. I head up to Plaza Mayor and then down to the Royal Palace before taking up a spot on the lawn inPlaza De Oriente for a laze about. I then head back to the hostel.

I meet up with a local guy for a few drinks and have a lot of rum. It goes down well, but then walking back to the hostel was an interesting experience. I walked out of the bar and basically got accosted by old and haggard woman using bad english ‘we suck and fuck’ it was rather hilarious.

The next morning, with a rather massive hangover I walk through the gorgeous Retiro Mediodia and stick my head under a huge fountain to get myself cool and relieve the headache thats been caused by cheap rum. I head off to the Reina Sofia ( a modern art gallery which houses Picasso’s Guernica, his most famous painting). But once there the place is quiet and empty, before reading on the sign its closed on Tuesdays. Man I didn’t even know what day it was…christ.

So I head back to the hostel and have a snooze on the lounge before heading out to this place called the Temple of Debod, an interesting and cool egpytian temple in Madrid. Which is ontop of a hill that looks out over the Palace and greater madrid.

I spend the evening sussing out plans – I was gonna go to a surf camp in Zarutz before going to San Sebastian but once I checked the swell report and saw it was going to be 1-2ft for the next few days I bailed on that idea. And don’t plan anything til the morning. I spend the evening watching movies and chatting to a few of the other travellers in the hostel and just muse about before crashing.

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